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Get to the root of organizational inefficiencies and technology gaps with a full-scale transformation and implementation partner. With nearly 80 experts possessing both functional and technical expertise, SC&H has what it takes to modernize finance, accounting, operational, and technological processes. Never settling for band-aid solutions, we treat the symptoms and the sources. We dive deep, ask tough questions, and push teams out of their comfort zones to deliver tailored recommendations to help you scale. Engaging people at all levels in the organization and providing ongoing support, we do the work to optimize and maintain your enterprise application ecosystem through these core services:

Advisory and Transformation Strategy

Navigate financial and digital transformation—from cloud readiness and M&A integration to ESG compliance—with a comprehensive plan, an appropriate budget, and strategic recommendations. We develop a roadmap that delivers clarity, maximizes efficiency, and reduces implementation costs, risks, and setbacks.

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ERP Advisory and Implementation

Select and implement, upgrade, and/or reconfigure an ERP platform to serve as the true ecosystem of your business from source to report. We work with you to plan, strategize, procure, and implement solutions to address integration challenges, optimize business processes, and report timely and accurate results to capture critical value.

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Develop and implement data governance frameworks that promote data and master data ownership and achieve integrity, regulatory compliance, and enterprise value. We'll equip you with a tailored strategy and business processes to maintain data governance and maximize enterprise investments across business applications.

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Financial Close, Consolidation, Compliance, and Reporting

Remove excessive integration, reconciliation, and compilation processes that extend financial close cycles without exhaustive efforts to overhaul your ERP. SC&H specializes in the automation of routine reporting tasks and implements standardized and repeatable close processes on industry-leading platforms.

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Enterprise Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting

Replace disparate, Excel-based budgeting with streamlined processes and integrated planning and forecasting to confidently model and analyze performance in real-time. We implement scalable solutions on industry-leading platforms like Oracle Cloud EPM and OneStream software that enable agile reporting and insights into the organization’s future financial outlook.

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Data Solutions, Automation, and Analytics

Make the right investments to enable the automation, integration, and accessibility of data across the organization. As the lifeblood of your business, transform your data into real-time insights and intelligence with data strategies and solutions aligned with your organizational maturity and needs.

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Augmented Solutions and Managed Services

Keep your FP&A team fluid, avoid skillset gaps, and accelerate business results with the appropriate outsourced solutions. Whether looking to fill critical roles, supplement your team, and/or maintain and manage the infrastructure of your financial software and ERP applications, our certified, experienced professionals have you covered.

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Comprehensive Enterprise Services
and Support

Address your enterprise priorities with a partner to match your urgency. With 300+ successful engagements and counting—and the backing of a full-service consulting, audit, and tax firm—we have the experience and expertise to meet all your financial, operational, technological, and business needs. Here’s what you can expect when you choose SC&H:

  • Prioritization of your transformation objectives
  • Upfront and honest conversations
  • Team continuity and hands-on execution
  • Thorough review of business processes
  • Current state assessment to uncover root issues

  • Stakeholder interviews to understand needs
  • Repeated vetting of business requirements
  • Emphasis on education and change management
  • Practice-wide focus on your ongoing success

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Rely on our Diverse Expertise and Professionalism

As financial services professionals, business strategists, and accountants, our team thrives at the intersection of business and technology. Our diverse backgrounds and broad experience spanning multiple industries and organizational structures uniquely position us to implement enterprise system solutions that resolve even your most complex challenges while meeting your unique business objectives. Unlike other firms, our team serves as more than just advisors, we’re true execution and implementation partners who do the work right alongside your team.

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  • Food & Beverage

  • Government Contracting

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality, Travel & Leisure

  • Manufacturing

  • Nonprofits


  • Professional Services

  • Real Estate

  • Retail & eCommerce

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