Contract Compliance Audit

Recover millions in overspend faster with comprehensive audits of your supplier contracts. Our auditors go above and beyond to verify compliance, mitigate risk, and ensure you’re never leaving money on the table. Maximizing your cost savings is our top priority.

Direct & Indirect Spend Audits

Recover overpayments while strengthening your supplier relationships. Our team works to identify inadvertent errors, facilitate timely resolution, enhance processes, and improve contract language without disrupting operations.


Third Party Risk Management

Protect your bottom line while increasing value and transparency in your third-party relationships. We analyze your business’s financial, operational, cyber, and legal risks to build a tailored third-party risk management program.


Contract Management

Tired of negotiating the perfect contract then struggling to maintain oversight a few months later? We can fill the gaps. From writing stronger contracts to improving invoice review processes, our team supports every stage of the contract lifecycle to help you detect and prevent overpayments and non-compliance.


Accounts Payable & Recovery Audits

Accounting mistakes happen. We’ll help you fix them and ensure they don’t happen again. Resolve unrealized credits, recover residual funds, and bolster financial performance with a thorough, data-driven examination of supplier records.


Construction & Capital Expenditure Audits

Maximize ROI on your biggest construction projects (and biggest investments) while ensuring transparency with your contractors. Our auditors pinpoint, recover, and prevent financial losses so you can stay focused on project completion.


Royalty and Licensing Audits

Stop unrealized, miscalculated, or untimely royalty payments in their tracks to restore the health of your margins and revenues. We work to validate compliance across your negotiated contracts while also strengthening internal controls, contract language, and licensee relationships.

Forensic Data Analysis and Data Mining

Expose potential fraud or waste in your data quickly and accurately to reduce risk and improve business performance. We pinpoint irregularities and anomalies in data sets up to 100 million records (or more) using AI-powered technology and drawing on 30+ years of experience working with major ERP systems.

100% US-Based Auditors Serving Fortune 500 Companies


Fortune 500 companies served


Recovered annually by our auditors


Suppliers audited annually for our clients


Days or less to deliver savings & recoveries

Protect Your Margins with a Deeper Contract Compliance Audit

Recover maximum savings, faster.

Identifying billing errors means nothing if you can’t get them back. You’ve got the best negotiators in the business in your corner with SC&H. Our team expertly navigates hard conversations with your suppliers to recover lost profits and quickly achieve fair resolutions.

Build stronger supplier relationships.

Your team and suppliers will benefit from increased mutual trust thanks to our professional, vendor-sensitive audit approach. Plus, research shows that organizations with optimized supplier relationships generate up to 75% more savings.

Spend less time worrying about your contracts.

You’re already strapped for time—let us make your life easier. An audit with SC&H requires, on average, only 12 hours total of stakeholder support per engagement. We dig into the details so you can stay focused on the big picture.

Fix the root cause, not the symptom.

This isn’t a band-aid or a quick fix. We identify opportunities to strengthen contract language and improve governance to set you up for long-term success, saving you thousands of dollars and hours over the business lifetime.

SC&H is our model contract compliance auditor. They are a responsive, efficient, and valued partner who helps us maximize the benefits of this best practice.

Fortune 500 Beverage Company

The SC&H audit team physically went to a warehouse to pull paper invoices so the suppliers could not refute what they were doing. It showed the tenacity of following through on a project.

Fortune 100 Manufacturer

We had to bid out our supplier audits, and we picked SC&H because they were the best selection – even up against “Big Four” firms. These large firms are unwilling to go the extra mile; they have a script that does not fit our company’s box. SC&H is nimble, dependable, can adapt to what we need, and do so faster.”

Fortune 500 Technology Company

Recover Up to 4% Or More of Procurement Spend Faster

Cut costs and recover millions in as little as 30 days. As a procurement leader, your contracts are critical to defining the value and health of your third-party relationships. But contract missteps and oversights are costly. The average value erosion of a contract after signing is more than 8.6%—that’s millions in lost profits. With more than 30 years of experience, our team knows exactly what rocks to look under to recover savings. We’ll stop the margin erosion and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Measure contract effectiveness

Improve profitability

Verify supplier charge accuracy

Align business stakeholders

Enhance governance

Strengthen contract language

Mitigate risks

Optimize business processes

Seamless, Stress-Free Audit Process

Our efficient, risk-based audit approach empowers your team to stay focused on your business while we uncover millions in savings for you. We work as an extension of your team to complete audits without disrupting operations for you or your suppliers.

Step 1: Planning

Identify audit candidates and contract risks, taking into consideration your overall objectives, and obtain buy-in from stakeholders.

Step 2: Examination

Acquire documentation from supplier, review for compliance, collect feedback on non-compliance from suppliers.

Step 3: Reporting

Deliver audit reports for each supplier audited, provide ongoing reporting and updates, and ensure stakeholders have the facts and context to make informed business decisions about audit findings.

Step 4: Resolution & Recommendations

Begin supplier negotiations to remediate non-compliance, obtain refunds from suppliers, and provide contract recommendations, process improvements, and benchmarking.

Best-in-Class Contract Compliance Audit Services

No smoke and mirrors here—we do exactly what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’ll do it. Rest easy knowing your contracts are set up to protect your bottom line.

Get more out of every audit.

Unlike other firms, our experts aren’t paid a commission—so your best interests are always top of mind. And our fair, objective approach means your suppliers will have a better experience too.

Work with experienced auditors.

We never subcontract or outsource our audits. Our full-time, US-based team is comprised of expert CPAs, CIAs, and CFEs who offer an average of 15 years of experience executing in-depth contract compliance audits.

Receive a dedicated team from start to finish.

Your personalized audit team owns every step of the process, always going the extra mile to put more money back in your pocket. We prioritize open communication and a deep understanding of your unique processes.



AI-Powered Processes for Better Contract Management

Quickly spot errors with advanced technology, augmented by our meticulous compliance experts. While other firms rely heavily on software, we recognize the importance of human intervention. Navigating supplier relationships requires understanding, empathy, and adaptability—qualities machines lack. That’s why our approach uses technology to enhance, not replace, our work for you.

  • Pinpoint anomalies with our proprietary algorithms
  • Visualize issues in real-time with centralized dashboards
  • Automate menial tasks to stay focused on the big picture
  • Facilitate faster information collection and data exchange
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Telltale Signs You Need a Contract Compliance Audit

If you find yourself encountering these challenges, it’s time to give SC&H a call. Our team put in the work to recover costs, strengthen your supplier relationships, and prevent future issues to set you up for long-term success.


You’re not sure if your contractors are billing accurately

Unexpected cost increases are plaguing your procurement team

You have significant transparency gaps with your suppliers

You’re experiencing rapid spending growth with specific suppliers

Invoices are rejected regularly for non-compliance

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