Recovery Audit & Accounts Payable Audit Services

The Common Denominator: Inadvertent Errors

Despite advanced invoice processing systems, inadvertent errors can still result in overpayments, affecting the financial performance of even highly controlled organizations. SC&H Group’s recovery audit specialists can identify and recover these undetected overpayments. Our experienced professionals conduct thorough evaluations, including less common scenarios, using forensic data analysis to quickly isolate and investigate each overpayment claim.

Identify Overpayments

Detect Hidden Risks

Resolve Unrealized Credits

Recover Lost Revenue

Bolster Financial Performance

Certified Professionals

Unique among recovery audit firms, SC&H retains experienced personnel with additional certifications such as the Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor, or Certified Fraud Examiner. To ensure seamless execution, we provide each client a dedicated engagement team for the duration of the project. In addition to recovering overpayments, receive practical advice to enhance your control processes and prevent future overpayments.

Our global recovery audit experience includes successful engagements in nearly all industries including; technology, wholesale, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, service, oil and gas exploration and production, and transportation.

Leverage our decades of experience to realize higher recovery rates and real solutions that reduce future overpayments.

Statement Audit

Highly controlled organizations rely on internal financial systems as accurate and reliable financial account representation. However, internal financial reports are merely a representation of processed transactions. Activity occurring outside of internal systems is much more common than most companies realize. If not periodically reviewed, this oversight leads to significant financial drain.

Statement audits are an effective tool to identify where a partner’s accounting records differ from your organization’s ledger. With proper anomaly analysis, you can identify and recover overpayments, revenue leakage, and other funds belonging to your organization but held by another party.

Thorough Records Review

Missed returns, pricing errors, unrecorded deposits, end of fiscal period prepayments, and many other transactions can occur without proper accounting. Some errors can be found with forensic data analysis, but others are revealed only by reviewing supplier, customer, or business partner accounting records.

Professional Methods & Exceptional Results

SC&H works carefully to ensure that statements are obtained from appropriate business partners in a professional and coordinated manner. Statement requests are also translated into local languages to facilitate global enterprise success. Experienced auditors conduct research and follow up to ensure each claim is thoroughly examined and documented prior to recovery.

By obtaining refunds, often for millions of dollars, our clients benefit from statement audits that enhance performance and foster greater business transparency.

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