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Leveraging Accounting, Finance, & Technology to Drive Profitability

There are few industries larger or more complex than the hospitality sector, and the leading hospitality companies are taking steps to gain greater insights into the many variables that drive profitability.

For most of the hospitality space—hotels, airlines, cruise lines, entertainment venues—this means streamlining their operational processes and enhancing the guest experience, be it at the corporate or individual level.

Many hospitality organizations seek partners who understand the importance of leveraging data to make informed decisions, whether at the business or consumer level. Accelerating consumer demands translates to a need for real-time information at your fingertips and the industry can be marred by the limitations of traditional finance and accounting systems.

At SC&H Group, we help leading hospitality organizations to accomplish the following:

  • Implement enterprise technology to transform accounting and finance processes for better, more insightful accounting of their past and future performance
  • Act on a comprehensive digital transformation plan – from ERP to cybersecurity, to software selection
  • Supplier and contract management

As hospitality needs become more sophisticated, information technology departments in many businesses are looking and operating, very differently. The CIO is even more business-focused, using various data to help make informed business decisions in tandem with the CFO and other C-Suite executives.

We’re focused on helping hospitality businesses take a data-driven approach to digital and financial transformation.

Hilton Takes to the Cloud

With over 4,900 properties in 104 countries and territories, and nearly 300,000 employees, the global hotel chain, Hilton Worldwide, wanted to reinvent its portfolio of brands and transform its properties into destinations.

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Advisory & Transformation

We marry data, systems, and processes with proactive business strategy to streamline operational processes and enhance the guest experience, be it at the corporate or individual level.

Contract Compliance Audit

Analyze agreements to increase third-party transparency efficiency and savings across a multitude of categories — marketing/advertising, construction, technology providers, and more.


Act on a comprehensive digital transformation plan – from ERP to cybersecurity, to software selection.

“Many hospitality companies are looking for partners to support their emphasis on leveraging accounting, finance, and technology because despite the accelerating consumer demands, many still experience the limitations of traditional finance and accounting systems in providing data to inform decision making at either a business or customer level.”

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