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We recognize that business solutions aren’t universal, and every industry presents unique challenges and opportunities. Drawing from diverse industry experience, our experts provide right-fit solutions that drive results for your business, team, and customers.

Affordable Housing

Improve cash flow and maintain compliance throughout your entire project lifecycle. With 35 years of deep industry experience, our accounting, tax, and audit experts help you navigate complex real estate and low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) transactions to ensure long-term success.

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We’ve helped 638+ construction clients across 2,020+ projects maintain compliance, maximize profitability, and stretch every dollar further for faster, sustainable growth.

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Since 2009, SC&H has helped over 112 schools, universities, and institutions enhance operational and technological efficiencies, minimize risk, and develop strategies to engage stakeholders and elevate the learning experience.

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Navigate complex tax regulations and capitalize on economic incentives with the strategic guidance of our business, tax, and compliance experts who have served 5 of the 15 largest energy providers in the nation.

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Financial Services

Technology is rapidly changing, and data is constantly increasing – match the pace of change with SC&H. We’ve performed over 2,100 financial services projects for 620+ clients, including 5 of the 10 largest US banks.

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Government Contracting

From red tape and regulations to restricted budgets, we understand the challenges of working with the federal government. Lean on our decades-long expertise to help you streamline processes, reduce risk, and win critical contracts in this highly competitive sector.

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Reduce costs, maintain compliance, and improve efficiency without compromising your mission. Our business experts and auditors have helped more than 50% of Fortune 500 healthcare organizations with their technology, financials, and operational strategies to meet patient and provider needs.

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Hospitality & Entertainment

Craft unforgettable guest experiences while maximizing ROI. In an industry where every detail counts, we help your business gain deeper insights into financial performance, improve operational efficiency, and build a comprehensive, data-driven plan for digital transformation.

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Having served 25% of Fortune 100 manufacturers and completed 3,650+ manufacturing projects, we understand the significant complexities of your industry. Let us help your business manage risk, streamline processes, and leverage cloud technologies for scalable growth.

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Media, Technology, and Communications

Technology landscapes shift, your success shouldn’t. We help you build resilience, mitigate cybersecurity risk, and increase profitability in an environment that demands evolution. With experience serving 2 of the 5 largest telecom companies in the world, we can ensure you’re always future-ready.

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Let’s accelerate your mission. From securing grant funding and navigating tax regulations to leveraging data analytics, our nonprofit advisors work closely with your team to increase transparency, donor engagement, and growth.

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Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Accelerate speed to market and innovation with a team of experts versed in your complex industry regulations. SC&H has helped 5 of the largest US biopharma companies and hundreds of others with compliance, revenue growth, cost recovery, and more.

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Private Equity

Create value throughout the entire business lifecycle with our strategic solutions for investors and their portfolio companies. We’ve helped more than 500 institutional investors navigate complex transactions, enhance operational efficiency, and maximize profit every step of the way.

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Professional Services

We understand the unique challenges your business faces, because we face them, too. Having worked with nearly 1,000 professional services firms (67% of which continue to expand and renew with SC&H) we know how to help you deliver best-in-class client experiences while increasing ROI.

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Real Estate

Minimize tax liabilities and maximize returns on your real estate investments. Our experts offer innovative cost reduction strategies, tax planning, due diligence support, and technology solutions to make well-informed decisions and position your investments for success.

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We’ve provided more than 40% of the nation’s top 100 retailers with highly specialized tax management, technology, supply chain, and cash flow preservation strategies that drive sustained profitability.

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Drive profitability and efficiency amidst increasing costs and changing regulations. Our experts help your team improve internal control systems, mitigate risk, and develop proactive strategies to embrace technology and steer long-term growth.

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