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SSPA Compliance in 60 Days or Less

Achieve compliance faster so you can stay focused on growing your business. We’re a Microsoft-preferred assessor that’s helped more than 100 organizations simplify their SSPA process, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Reclaim your time with our AI-powered automation for simple tasks and hands-on certified auditor expertise for complexities. Because compliance doesn’t need to be complicated.

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Faster audits, faster results

Get SSPA compliant in 60 days or less with SC&H. From extension requests to automated workflows, we’ve got you covered. 

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On-demand support

Unlike other assessors, we actually pick up the phone when you call. Our experienced auditors are available to help you confidently navigate the process. 

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100% US-based auditors

No offshoring here. Our certified in-house audit team, led by a seasoned director, manages your audit from start to finish.

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Simple, user-friendly solutions

Automate menial tasks and complete processes quickly with access to our policy templates and a cloud-based, AI-powered audit platform.

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“I was very pleased by how SC&H worked with us through our SSPA certification process. We’ve retained their services for multiple years to help us through a potentially complex and changing process, ensuring compliance was both achievable and affordable from year to year.” 

Joseph LaFleur

Team Leader, It Risk & Compliance | GP Strategies

“I’m continuously impressed by how easily SC&H guides us through the SSPA certification process. The process can be daunting, but their knowledgeable team helps simplify the entire process and ensures we remain compliant and on schedule each year.” 

Jennifer Beaver

Vice President of Operations | Mozaic Group

What’s Included in the SC&H Process

Save time and money with our seamless attestation process while ensuring the utmost security for your data. When complexities arise, our dedicated audit team stands ready to provide answers and keep the process moving.

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Automated workflows with document management

Progress dashboards for seamless project tracking

Integrated library of policy and procedure templates

Substantial year-over-year efficiencies

Control mapping to SOC 2 and ISO 27001/27701 standards

Our Secure, AI-Powered Audit Platform

Automate up to 25% of certification management with our cloud-managed audit platform, Fieldguide. This secure platform offers a user-friendly interface and built-in, intuitive dashboards.  

  • Easily upload documents 
  • Track open items clearly
  • Communicate directly with your auditor 
  • Reduce emails throughout the audit process 

How the SSPA Process Works

Initial Consultation

Meet with one of our certified auditors to discuss your business operations, data handling practices, and SSPA requirements. We’ll establish scope and clear timelines to ensure your needs are met. 

Assessment Execution

We conduct in-depth reviews to ensure compliance with SSPA requirements. This involves examining relevant documentation, interviewing stakeholders to grasp your operations, and conducting technical assessments of systems, networks, and applications to evaluate security controls.

Remediation Plan

Working alongside your team, our advisors create a customized remediation plan to address security and privacy gaps, helping facilitate the deployment of new controls or improving existing processes to meet SSPA requirements.

Independent Assessment

Our experts prepare an independent letter of validation summarizing assessment findings, remediation efforts, and evidence of SSPA compliance. Collaborating closely with your team, we refine the statement before submitting it to Microsoft.

Gain All-In-One Compliance, Faster

Enhance credibility with prospective clients by demonstrating compliance in every facet of your business. Our standardized approach lays the foundation for additional frameworks, meaning you can achieve these certifications faster and easier with SC&H.

SOC Audits: Build stakeholder trust and streamline operations through independent, third-party assurance of internal controls and systems. Learn more >

ISO Certification: Get ISO 27001/27701 certified quickly with our streamlined audit process for middle-market companies in growth mode. Learn more >

Cybersecurity Audits: Protect against cyber threats and improve business processes to ensure compliance with various NIST frameworks. Learn more >

SSPA Compliance FAQs

The Microsoft Supplier Security and Privacy Assurance (SSPA) Program is a set of standard rules and guidelines to safeguard any personal or confidential data related to Microsoft. Suppliers that handle Microsoft data must adhere to these standards to maintain a successful partnership with Microsoft.

Microsoft requires an independent assessment for most vendors. Independent assessments by qualified assessors (like our firm) validate compliance and provide a higher level of assurance to Microsoft. Self-attestation is only acceptable for certain low-risk vendors that are not handling confidential data.

The SSPA process can be painstaking and complex. Choose assessors who are well-versed in navigating SSPA regulations and requirements to ensure your experience is seamless. Additionally, an assessor who demonstrates open, responsive communication will provide a faster process, answering your questions quickly and offering on-demand support.

You must update your supplier profile every year, complete the self-attestation, and, if needed, undergo an independent assessment. Compliance is essential before work can begin.

The DPR outlines 52 SSPA requirements across 10 domains. It guides compliance efforts and ensures alignment with Microsoft’s data protection standards. 

As a preferred assessor, we meet stringent criteria set by Microsoft. Our expertise ensures accurate assessments and smooth compliance processes, keeping you up-to-date with evolving regulations and industry best practices.

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