Financial Statement Audits

Provide Financial Assurance to Stakeholders

Provide assurance that your management presents a “true and fair” view of your company’s financial performance and position to establish and foster trust with ownership and other key stakeholders. The qualified auditors at SC&H can audit or review your financial statements and corresponding disclosures, providing an independent conclusion they are not materially misstated and assurance they meet financial reporting requirements to help your organization:

Improve communication

Enhance internal control and operations

Reduce cost of capital

Elevate compliance and reporting

Appeal to third parties

Strengthen Operations and Maximize Value

Financial Statement Audits

Build and advance credibility and confidence with third parties by obtaining the highest level of assurance regarding your financial statements. Annual audits, whether required or preferred, help to enhance the overall quality of business processes for management and stakeholders while reinforcing a thorough understanding of your company’s operations, respective industry, and transactions. Adhering to Generally Accepted Audit Standards (GAAS) and offering continuity, value, and partnership with every engagement, you can rely on our professionals to:

  • Consider economic environment influences
  • Identify major risks of material misstatement
  • Establish appropriate audit responses
  • Obtain and assess the sufficiency of audit evidence
  • Provide efficient and cost-effective recommendations

Obtain Professional Judgement and Skepticism

Financial Statement Reviews

Increase third-party confidence in your financial reporting to assist owners, investors, shareholders, creditors, bankers, suppliers, and even customers in making sound economic decisions. Financial statement review services, performed in accordance with Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), can be a more cost-effective option for some organizations. Providing more limited assurance than an audit, a review still ensures conformity with applicable financial reporting frameworks. Publicly held entities must have their quarterly financial statements reviewed in addition to the annual audit.

Present Financial Information

Financial Statement Compilations

Gain a general understanding and summary of your business, accounting, and financial reporting systems and processes and present financial information in the appropriate format of proper financial statements. Unlike audits or reviews, compilations do not provide any assurance, express an opinion, or uncover material misstatements.

Rely on Our Commitment to Quality

SC&H Group’s attest services professionals bring seasoned experience working with privately held businesses in a variety of industries, non-profit organizations, and government agencies to your financial statement audit and review processes. We go above and beyond to make the experience smooth, transparent, and informative—this means open, honest communication from us and minimal disruptions for you.


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