Data Governance

Enable Data Integrity and Accuracy

A streamlined data governance framework enables data to be shared, collaborative, and informative, ensuring it is an invaluable asset for any organization. And yet, the concept of data governance is often overlooked until current processes fail to serve organizational requirements, a reporting error or omission is detected, or an acquisition forces the need. We can help your organization build an understanding and ownership of master data to ensure regulatory compliance while disseminating value to the enterprise.

Processes/controls that ensure compliance

Mitigated risks and errors

Fully integrated master data

Single source of truth

Consistent and accurate reporting

Data security and data privacy

Trust Your Data

Our approach to master data oversight and data management will help your organization standardize the way in which it can uniformly capture, align, and manage master data to ensure reliability across applications, reports, and analysis. This includes establishing processes and controls to ensure audit compliance and regulatory compliance standards are met. Here’s how we help:

Examine current technology systems and data quality practices to identify data governance maturity model status, challenges, and opportunities for improved data quality irrespective of on-premises, cloud, or hybrid systems.

Develop strategy, recommendations, and a roadmap to improve governance structure and effectiveness. Provide education and guidance on the impact effective governance frameworks will provide across the organization.

Inventory and evaluate current master data and data usage across the organization and identify the goals to meet your data governance needs. This includes examining on-premises and/or cloud technology systems required to support master data governance across the enterprise.

Standardize critical roles such as data trustees, stewards, custodians, and users along with master data across disparate systems to enhance data integrity and reporting and ensure compliance with both internal and external regulations.

Automate the sharing of master data from source to report across enterprise-wide applications, departments, and users.

Centralize master data governance activities to eliminate duplicative efforts and foster cross-enterprise governance outcomes.

Configure workflow and workflow approval policies to provide the appropriate governance, transform the generic metadata requests, and apply them to all applications.

Simplify M&A activities by creating a framework for chart of account (COA) consolidation and data mapping to unify data, applications, and reporting.

Adopt a Best-Practice Governance Framework

The SC&H data governance framework is anchored on effectively capturing, managing, and disseminating master data across enterprise applications and reporting platforms. Establishing governance at the top of the data chain is fundamental to developing a single source of truth for your organization.

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