SOC Audits

Maximize Ongoing Internal Control

Establish credibility and build trust with your service organization’s stakeholders through independent, third-party assurance that you take security and/or processing of data seriously. A System and Organization Controls (SOC) report verifies that your service organization is following industry standards, helping you gain a competitive edge, streamline business operations, and harness future relationships. As a licensed CPA firm, our auditors can help your team maximize efficiency throughout the SOC audit process and gain the compliance you seek.

Determine the Right SOC Report for Your Organization

Our experienced team advises service organizations on AICPA SOC reporting requirements. We provide valuable information that customers and auditors frequently require to assess the risks and internal controls associated with your outsourced service(s).

SOC 1 Report

A SOC 1 audit enables you to provide a third-party attestation to stakeholders evidencing you have implemented control activities over the services that impact their financial reporting, including controls over the completeness, accuracy, timeliness, and security of data processing.


SOC 2 Report

A SOC 2 audit reports on controls relevant to the AICPA’s five trust services categories and results in the ability to provide a third-party attestation evidencing the implementation of control activities over the protection of sensitive data. A SOC 2 Plus report includes an attestation to additional subject matter from industry-specific standards.


SOC 3 Report

Like a SOC 2 report, SOC 3 reports focus on controls relevant to the AICPA’s five trust services categories. However, unlike SOC 2, SOC 3 reports can be made publicly available as a valuable marketing tool.


SOC for Cybersecurity

This report provides objective assurance that enterprise controls are in place to effectively manage your organization’s cybersecurity risk.

SOC for Supply Chain

This is a flexible, market-driven report that communicates information about your organization’s supply change risk management efforts.

SOC Reports eBook

Everything your service organization needs to know to maximize internal control value that builds credibility, confidence, and a competitive edge.


Rely on our Expert Approach to SOC Compliance

Our process goes beyond an implementation checklist and offers a strategic, pragmatic action plan to ensure a seamless SOC examination. Whether conducting the examination or advising, our team of auditors will work closely with your organization’s leadership to ensure that:

The examination report is thorough, timely, and tailored to your unique needs

Business operations and internal control processes are streamlined

Contractual obligations and marketplace concerns are addressed

AICPA reporting requirements are met

Your organization is set up for long-term efficiency, consistency, and success

Transparency That Transcends Industries

As a qualified CPA firm, we take pride in working with organizations that have unique objectives, competing priorities, and specific constraints—irrespective of your industry. As such, our experienced auditors can address compliance mandates for reporting on service organization controls within many industries, including but not limited to:

Data Hosting & Backup Services

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Managed Service Providers

Financial Services

Medical Claim Processing

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