Building a Strong Foundation on Direct, Value-Focused Expertise

In this space, it’s critical to be as lean and direct as possible in moving business matters forward.

Contractors (general or subs) are looking for personalized and attentive service, strong technical expertise, and uncompromising integrity. In an industry with ever-changing regulatory standards and a maze of job-site relationships to navigate, it’s critical to align with an organization that understands the finance, technology, and accounting intricacies that maximize profitability and help to stretch the dollar further.

Executives and stakeholders in the construction world need to be certain their partners can co-navigate the world of take-offs, estimates, and buildouts, and appreciates how cash-flow tight their projects are. It is this responsibility and commitment to ensuring construction organizations get what they pay for that differentiates a true partner.

As a business in the construction industry, one instance that leads to a delay in your organizations ability to deliver is extremely detrimental. Engaging with professionals who understand the importance of time, ultimately timely deliveries of services is of utmost importance.

State Tax Incentives

Cost Segregation


Leveraging Technology to Drive the Estimating & Bid Process Forward

Accurate Forecasting & Sub-Contractors

Labor Rates

Pulse on the Economy & Scenario Planning

Number of Vendors – Consolidation, Management, & Visibility

Story Behind the Success

Commercial HVAC & Energy Solutions Provider

As advisors to manufacturers for nearly 30 years, SC&H Group understands the industry is constantly navigating challenges that require operational focus, strategic planning, and precise execution.

about the project

We’re Here to Help Wherever You Need It

Financial Statement Audit

Organizations need a business partner they can lean on throughout a project’s lifecycle to foster trust in their financial statements.

Contract Compliance Audit

Helping organizations to ensure quality, affordability, transparency, compliance and feel confident in their third-party’s commitment to delivering on what is contractually agreed upon.

Data Analytics

Through data visualization, we’ll enhance reporting processes, customer communication experiences, and enable your business to make better data-driven decisions.


Understanding the intricacies that maximize profitability and help to stretch the dollar further while maintaining directness and transparency.


Leveraging technology to maximize organizational security, drive the estimating and bid process forward, and thrive in a more tech-forward workplace.

“You’re the only company that we’ve ever dealt with that delivered what you said you were going to deliver when you said you were going to deliver it.”

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