ERP Advisory & Implementation

An ERP modernization is a massive undertaking that delivers significant benefits for your enterprise operations. Our team offers end-to-end support and strategic guidance before, during, and after an ERP implementation, eliminating the need for multiple partners. With your priorities top of mind and team continuity at the forefront, we ensure a minimally disruptive process from start to end.

ERP Planning & Strategy

A clear plan is a no-brainer, but an implementation team capable of truly understanding your business model, core processes, and current systems makes that plan an asset. How we help:  

  • Assess your current environment and challenges 
  • Define business process and technical requirements  
  • Develop a transition strategy and guiding principles  
  • Establish technical infrastructure 
  • Determine system migration and data needs 
  • Build a communication and change management plan

ERP System Selection & Procurement

Evaluate top ERP systems based on your financial and operational requirements, industry, and budget with hands-on support from SC&H. We can help you make an informed choice, ensuring your new ERP solution can scale and adapt to future change without significant additional investment. How we help:   

ERP System Selection 

  • Identify requirements and budget 
  • Research and recommend solutions 
  • Conduct demonstrations 
  • Select the best-fit system 

ERP System Procurement 

  • Support RFP development 
  • Negotiate contracts 
  • Finalize pricing and terms 

ERP Implementation & Optimization

Integrating your essential business and financial functions on a unified platform is our top priority. We’ll help you define an approach aligned with your strategic goals while delivering data security and effective reporting and analytics to guide decision-making. How we help:  

  • Conversions and integrations  
  • Business process design  
  • Chart of Accounts (COA) design 
  • Application configuration  
  • Real-time, accurate reporting 
  • Advanced data visualization 
  • Enhanced functionality 

ERP Rollout & Deployment

From testing and validation to cutover and training, we build and execute detailed plans to ensure your users can easily and effectively own and operate your new ERP solution. This includes: 

  • End-to-end testing 
  • Data validation  
  • Cutover planning   
  • Deployment support 

ERP Change Management

Successful, sustainable outcomes are only achieved when there is total alignment between your technology adoption and business objectives. We can oversee and support your enterprise change with measurable success through: 

  • User education and training 
  • Workflow analysis and optimization 
  • Proven feedback mechanisms 
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation 

Upgrade the Heart of Your Operations

Transition to a modern, cloud-based ERP system to gain a competitive edge while fostering business growth and expansion. Centralizing your data and processes creates real-time visibility across departments for improved productivity and better decision-making. SC&H can help sunset your legacy systems over time or all at once to deliver big benefits.

ERP Systems We Implement & Optimize

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Scalable ERP Solutions for Your Organization

Fortune 500 Enterprises

Implement comprehensive ERP solutions to optimize disjointed enterprise functions, innovate faster, and advance global business performance.

We want a strategic advantage

Middle Market Organizations

Introduce modern tools for critical integration, data-informed decision-making, and interdepartmental collaboration that can scale as you grow.

We’re ready to modernize

Small & Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs)

Integrate essential business functions into a single, user-friendly platform to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and drive growth (without breaking the bank).

Help us scale our operations

Align Your Technology, People & Processes

Implement a user-friendly ERP system your employees and partners want to use, ensuring seamless adoption and maximizing the value of your investment. With SC&H in your corner, you won’t have to choose between your financial and operational requirements and a great user experience—we’ll deliver both.

Automate repetitive tasks

Optimize resource allocation

Reduce IT infrastructure costs

Enable remote access

Introduce advanced analytics

Adapt to change faster

How a Hospitality Brand Transitioned to Oracle ERP/EPM in Under 12 Months

Learn how a comprehensive financial system planning, strategy, and transformation initiative led by SC&H enabled a successful cloud ERP and EPM implementation for a national hotel enterprise.

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Flexible Support for Faster ROI

Choose the level of support that’s right for you. Whether using SC&H for your entire ERP transformation initiative or a portion of the work, we collaborate with your team throughout the project lifecycle to deliver relief and results.

End-to-End ERP Ownership

From planning and strategy to implementation and ongoing optimization, we can do it all for the most seamless and comprehensive experience imaginable. Gaining intimate knowledge of your operations, goals, and processes at every step allows us to deliver the best result (and peace of mind).

ERP Implementation Oversight

Already have an implementation partner but have no idea how to keep the train on track? We’ve got you. Whether you need help revising a plan or ensuring the implementation milestones are met, our team can provide critical oversight and navigate obstacles to guarantee a successful outcome. 

Post-Implementation ERP Optimization

You’ve made a massive investment, we can help you maximize it. As your ERP system introduces new features and capabilities, we make sure you’re utilizing the right tools for improved efficiency, collaboration, and user experience. 

GEt Started

Tips for Every Stage of Your ERP Journey

On-Premises ERP Recommendations for CFOs

Your organization is grappling with outdated financial systems that are costing you time and money. Creating a strategic, clearly defined cloud transition plan will help mitigate these challenges, enhance operational efficiency, and prevent escalating costs. Ready to get started?

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Hybrid ERP Transition Recommendations for Leaders

Nearly 63% of organizations report difficulties transitioning their old ERP to a modern, cloud solution. But you aren’t letting this statistic derail your progress. Ensure you have the right plan and best-fit partner to achieve adoptable, sustainable success. Want a few pointers?

download hybrid transition recommendations

Post-Implementation ERP Optimization Strategies

As an early adopter of ERP cloud technology, you’re already ahead of the curve. There’s no doubt your cloud implementation has been a monumental endeavor, so don’t let emerging challenges hinder adoption and functionality. Continuous improvement is key. Seeking improved performance?

download our tips for system enhancements

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