Cybersecurity Advisory & Assessment

Protect Your Business Against Cyber Threats

Every second counts in the face of cyber threats. With downtime costing organizations $1,467 per minute, having a clear strategy to mitigate, detect, respond to, and recover from cyber-attacks is critical. SC&H provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for middle market leaders ready to protect their valuable assets and reputations.

Detect and Respond to Threats Faster

Obtain or Renew Cyber Insurance

Develop a Comprehensive Security Plan

Get Certified with Cybersecurity Frameworks

Manage and Monitor Security Operations 

Data Breaches Can Be Devastating – Is Your Business Prepared?

What do we do if we have a cyberattack? This is a common question IT leaders, CIOs, and CEOs ask. With hackers getting smarter and cyber disruptions increasing, staying vigilant is crucial (not optional). Stay a step ahead of cybercriminals with SC&H. 

$9.48 Million

Average cost of a data breach in the US


of companies in the US were victims of ransomware attacks

277 Days

Average time it takes for a business to detect and remediate cyber attacks

Proactive, End-to-End Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybercriminals choose their victims based on the potential for financial gain or other malicious objectives. They seek vulnerabilities they can exploit to gain unauthorized access—weak passwords, outdated software, phishing emails, etc.—putting your organization and every person in it at risk. Our team can implement best practices and technologies to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your digital assets.

Strategic Compliance Frameworks & Certifications

Our risk experts work alongside your team to identify the appropriate framework or certification, test your business against the framework to verify compliance, and co-create a remediation plan that aligns with your ideal future state. 

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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Take the first step towards security with a comprehensive risk profile analysis of your organization’s current cyber environment. Our team will perform an in-depth assessment of your people, processes, and technology to help your business: 

  • Define your technology and security needs  
  • Identify vulnerabilities and opportunities to mitigate risk 
  • Address system and process inefficiencies  
  • Understand next steps to meet your goals 
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Strategy & Roadmap Development

Identifying vulnerabilities is just the start. We step in to create a customized, 360-degree cybersecurity plan. Our experts help your IT department think outside the box and leverage new technologies and processes to mitigate risk. This includes: 

  • Actionable recommendations to meet your goals 
  • Clearly defined timelines and estimated budgets 
  • End-to-end implementation support 
  • Relevant training and resources 
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Ongoing Support for Long-Term Resilience

This isn’t a quick fix; we’re in it for the long haul. We work closely with your team to develop sustainable cybersecurity policies and procedures that evolve with your business, ensuring you stay one step ahead of cyber threats. 

  • Business continuity planning 
  • Disaster recovery planning 
  • Incident response policy and procedures 
  • Privacy policy 
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SC&H is Your Full-Service Digital Safety Net

All-In-One Cyber Support

No need to manage multiple firms for tech support, process improvement, and compliance testing—we do it all. From assessment to attestation, we provide end-to-end support so your business stays protected without skipping a beat.

Seasoned C-Level Experts

Your security is our top priority. Our former CTOs, CIOs, and cybersecurity experts bring an average of 22 years of IT expertise, invaluable insights, and recommendations to safeguard your organization. 

Long-Term Solutions, Not Band-Aids

Unlike other firms that provide a simple report and leave you to your own devices, we dive deep to remediate issues. Our team builds sustainable solutions, setting you up for long-term security and success while augmenting any personnel gaps.

Software-Agnostic Approach

We’re not software resellers, so we never push products for profit. Our independent and unbiased approach focuses on what’s best for you. While we’re well-connected with solution providers, we explore every option to find your perfect fit.

Cyber Threats Keeping You Up at Night?
Don’t Wait for Disaster to Strike.

Investing in cybersecurity isn’t just safeguarding your data—it’s securing your company’s future (and your quality of sleep). Discover how our team can bolster your digital defenses with a personalized 30-minute consultation. We prioritize your needs over sales pitches because, like you, we want the perfect fit. Talk with an expert today. 

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