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Your lifestyle hinges on comprehensive financial plans and strategic tax advice that ensures your most important milestones are met. This is why helping you confidently create a comfortable lifestyle now, for your future, and in retirement is our ultimate goal. Achieve financial success aligned with your short- and long-term objectives with the help of our experienced financial advisors, CPAs, and CFP® professionals.

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We’re here to answer even your toughest questions and design a plan together:

Am I paying too much in taxes?

When can I retire?

How much do I need to save to become financially independent?

Should I invest now or wait?

Preserve Your Wealth, Shape Your Legacy

Selecting your financial planner is a big decision–and we’re here to help you make an informed choice. Check out our New Client Guide for a self-guided tour of our process, fee structure, and the SC&H approach to holistic financial planning.


Build Your Wealth With Confidence

Confidently navigate the financial decisions that influence your present and future. We focus on the variables we can control, develop a plan based on your priorities, and execute the plan with precision.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Minimize tax liabilities, maximize cash flow, and gain an efficient tax income strategy. Your CPAs and financial advisors are all under one roof to deliver unmatched continuity, personalized advice, and regular financial monitoring so you get the best possible outcomes.


Retirement Planning

Maintain your current standard of life with proactive and flexible planning and investing designed to generate a growing stream of income and optimized to keep you on track, prepared, and confident before and after you retire.


Investment Management & Planning

Keep your financial goals in focus with a planning-driven investment portfolio that develops as your needs evolve. Work with an advisor to assess your investment opportunities, allocate your assets to grow your wealth over time, and ensure you’re still living life to the fullest.


Insurance Planning

Protect your wealth and maximize your multi-generational plan with fiduciary-based advice that helps to ensure you and your loved ones are equipped for expected and unexpected life events. We can’t predict the future but we can plan for it to create peace of mind.


Estate Planning

Know that your assets and legacy wishes will be thoughtfully distributed to designated beneficiaries tax-efficiently and consistent with your values. Our advisors deliver a compassionate approach to navigating this delicate topic to help you provide for future generations.


SC&H Core

Core provides fiduciary-based investment management services for those establishing their path toward financial independence. Our advisors help you create a flexible financial plan, ensuring informed investments and adjustments as your life evolves—no minimum assets are required.


Understanding Your Present to Prioritize Your Future

Your path to financial success is our top priority. As your loyal fiduciaries, our CFP® professionals and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are deeply invested in the decisions that impact you. Through transparency, authenticity, and reliable communication, we earn your trust and demonstrate our commitment to helping you maximize your potential and realize your financial goals.

A Team With Your Best Interests in Mind

Your plans are our priority. With the support of a full-service consulting, tax, and investment banking firm, our
experienced team offers a unified, diversified approach to meet all your financial needs.

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Advisory Services offered through SC&H Wealth the doing business as name (“DBA”) of SC&H Financial Advisors, Inc. SC&H also offers advisory services through the doing business as name of SC&H Core. SC&H Financial Advisors, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SC&H Group, Inc.

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