Andrew Thompson, CFP®

Managing Director

Andrew’s client was going to write a check to a favorite charity, but knowing the client had significantly appreciated stock, Andrew recommended that the client transfer the stock to a charitable trust from which to make a donation.  By donating the stock instead of cash, the client avoided income and capital gains taxes, and enjoyed a deduction of fair market value at the time of the transfer – realizing a tax savings of 22 percent.  The added benefit was the charity avoided any taxes as well.

Whether advising clients on trusts, income strategies, or which investments are best at any given time, Andrew becomes deeply involved with his clients’ financial situations in order to provide them with exceptional advice that affect their lives and those of their heirs for years to come.

As Managing Director of the SC&H Wealth team, Andrew delivers comprehensive personal financial planning services for his clients. He specializes in personal financial planning which includes: tax-advantaged investment management, as well as estate, tax, and retirement planning strategies.  With his team, Andrew is committed to delivering exceptional client service through customized and comprehensive personal financial planning for clients to meet their goals and objectives.  Every client relationship Andrew’s team oversees involves a goal specific financial plan out of which all investment recommendations are based.

Andrew is a member of the SC&H Investment Committee, which provides oversight of the firm’s own investment policy. He also acts in a fiduciary capacity and prides himself on providing his clients exceptional financial advice with integrity and superior ethics.

Andrew received his B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Baltimore and a M.S. in Personal Financial Planning from the College for Financial Planning. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, holding a Series 65 license. Andrew has presented on finance and investment topics at the University of Baltimore graduate school of business, and at Towson University.  He was named one of Baltimore’s Select Wealth Managers in service and overall satisfaction by Baltimore Magazine. When he is not working, he enjoys coaching soccer and baseball and is actively involved in his church and philanthropic activities.

Areas of Expertise


"Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work."

Pritpal Kalsi


"The best antidote to an unknown future is preparation."

Andrew Thompson, CFP®

Managing Director

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