Comprehensive, compliant audits validate your organization’s finances to foster shareholder and public trust and confidence in your business. Our auditors possess a deep understanding of unique business, economic, and regulatory environments that can improve financial performance. From detecting unforeseen issues and identifying inefficiencies to reducing costs and ensuring regulatory compliance, our tailored auditing services are driven by your business objectives.

Financial Statement Audits

Financial statement audits and reviews that promote credibility to the reported financial results and performance of your business, strengthening your operations and maximizing value.


Due Diligence

Investigation of financial records and historical results to verify information and adjust quality of earnings before entering a deal or investment opportunity with another party.


Employee Benefit Plans Audits

Timely and accurate adherence to fiduciary and regulatory responsibilities to assure compliance with the rules and regulations set by the IRS and Department of Labor.


SOC Audits

Valuable information your customers, prospects, and auditors require to assess the risks and internal controls associated with an outsourced service provider.


Rely On Our Commitment to Quality

It’s rare that an organization looks forward to the audit process, but we go above and beyond to make it smooth, transparent, and informative. That means open, honest communication from us and minimal disruptions for you. By partnering with SC&H auditors, you gain a team that has your best interests in mind and provides continuity at every engagement, and beyond.

Informed, strategic feedback that leads to compliance success

Benchmarked insights to ensure alignment with your objectives

The highest level of assurance for your investors and creditors

Deadlines that are met on time and within the agreed upon budget

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Audit Financial Services That Transcend Industries

No matter what your needs are, our professionals offer in-depth and diverse industry expertise that ensures those needs are satisfied through a collaborative partnership.

Affordable Housing Manufacturing Technology Government Contracting Healthcare Construction Real estate Investment Banking Retail non-profit

Why SC&H Audit Services?

We are recognized for delivering strategic advice that empowers leaders to increase their corporate transparency and heighten their financial intelligence. Our services are supplemented by a full-service management consulting, tax, technology advisory, risk management, and investment banking firm at SC&H Group, which fosters all-encompassing conversations during any engagement.

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