Mitigate Reporting Errors with Tailored, Objective Expertise

In an environment of increasing corporate transparency and continuously changing regulations, it is critical to select experienced audit partners that will provide your organization with tailored, objective assistance.

The financial audit services experts at SC&H Group possess a strong understanding of all unique business, economic, and regulatory environments that can impact performance. Our professionals proactively identify potential accounting and business issues before they become problematic. You benefit from timely advice to help your organization achieve its goals and objectives.

  • Be secure with auditing & accounting experts trusted by non-profit organizations, government agencies, and Fortune 100 companies
  • Provide the highest level of assurance to your investors and creditors
  • Know when a less expensive financial review – as opposed to an audit – satisfies your reporting requirements
  • Detect unforeseen problems in areas such as employee benefit plans and service organization control

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