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Financial Management and Advisory at Your Fingertips

For those establishing their path towards financial independence, SC&H Core offers one-on-one financial planning paired with a secure digital portfolio in the convenience of an app. Tap into smart investing, wealth management, and tax advice from our knowledgeable advisors.

Take Financial Growth Into Your Own Hands

Major milestones, life events, and developing financial needs often necessitate greater financial counsel. With Core, you get access to fiduciary-based investment management services backed by a team of investment advisors. Our wealth management professionals help you develop a clear yet flexible plan to ensure you make informed financial investments and the necessary adjustments to stay the course as your life unfolds. With no minimum assets under management (AUM) required, you get the guidance you need to strategically achieve the financial freedom you deserve.

Effectively plan for retirement

Learn to make smart investments

Digitally track and manage your portfolio

Collaborate with your team of financial advisors

Anticipate future milestone costs

Execute a plan to realize your goals

Unlock Your Digital Portfolio Today

Our SC&H Core advisors have been in your shoes. We combine real-world experience with industry knowledge to play an active role in helping you make smarter decisions to successfully grow your wealth. Your financial independence is just around the corner, are you ready to take charge? 

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Advisory Services offered through SC&H Financial Advisors, Inc. Advisory. SC&H also offers advisory services through the doing business as name (“DBA”) of SC&H Core. SC&H Financial Advisors, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of SC&H Group, Inc.

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