Transforming Data Management Processes for a Multi-Brand Restaurant Enterprise

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Updated on: May 10, 2024

Authored by Catherine Knobel | Manager, Business Performance Management

Case Study Overview

A multi-brand global restaurant corporation engaged SC&H’s team of Oracle implementation experts to replace an outdated metadata management system and build a unified data governance strategy.

By implementing Oracle Enterprise Data Management (EDM) across Oracle ERP and EPM Cloud applications, SC&H streamlined disparate data sources, established enterprise-wide governance rules, and eliminated duplicative manual tasks.

This drastically improved operational efficiency and increased data integrity by more than 80%.

Client Challenges: Unreliable Data and Tedious Processes

  • Disparate offline databases requiring manual, duplicative processes to submit metadata requests or changes
  • Error-prone methods of maintaining master data leading to inconsistencies in shared metadata and inaccurate reporting
  • Lack of visibility into existing metadata or traceability of change history increasing non-compliance risk
  • Antiquated metadata management platform lacking capabilities to enforce data governance rules

SC&H Strategies: Rebuilding Data Management

Through business-focused design sessions, SC&H developed a clear understanding of the client’s pain points and goals. We used this insight to optimize the client’s Oracle EDM functionality and train users in an iterative three-phase workstream. Our team then performed sprint testing for troubleshooting and feedback, while leveraging user acceptance testing (UAT) cycles to support seamless change management. We ultimately launched a new EDM solution that provided unparalleled scalability and flexibility and optimized the client’s investment in the Oracle platform.

Key Outcomes: Improved Efficiency and Data Accuracy

  • 100% reduction in duplicative communication with systematized metadata requests in Oracle EDM
  • 90% reduction in time spent reviewing requests
  • Saved 30 hours per month in tedious approval processes
  • Established an effective data governance framework that increased data integrity by more than 80%

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