Special Situations M&A

Extensive Experience Helping Distressed Companies Preserve Their Businesses


Most businesses find themselves in problematic situations at one point or another. Some of these challenges are tougher than others and lead to a flurry of questions:

  • What happens if we have to declare bankruptcy?
  • Is new financing an option or available for our business?
  • Will we need to find a buyer?
  • How do we survive long enough to find new money?
  • How do we satisfy creditors and maximize recovery for everyone?
  • How can we preserve jobs and the founder’s legacy?
  • What about my personal guarantees?

None of these are easy questions to answer but having the right partner on your side will get you to the best and most effective resolution. In the most trying times SC&H Capital’s Special Situations team partners with businesses in the most trying times to provide indispensable insights and a proven process that produces a path forward quickly.

Timing is critical in these situations; therefore, our bankruptcy and special situations team works quickly to find the best possible financial strategy for your unique situation, oftentimes in as little as 60 days.

Whether you require new debt or equity, or a sale of the business, our extensive relationships in the market allow us to deliver our clients opportunities to capture the greatest value from lenders, investors, and buyers to help turnaround their business.


On January 1, 2020, the Equity Partners team joined SC&H Capital, the investment banking division of SC&H Group, to bring Special Situations M&A offerings and expertise to this great firm. 

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Why Choose SC&H Capital’s Special Situations Advisors?

Our Special Situations team has completed over 600 transactions including distressed M&A and refinancing, and more than 70 bankruptcy courts in the United States have approved solutions provided.

With over 100 years of combined experience, we bring creative problem solving, tenacity, and extensive knowledge to every single engagement. We pride ourselves on delivering quick and tangible results that preserve your business, help it grow, and maximize recovery.

Our transparent process and reputation offer tremendous credibility among restructuring professionals throughout the United States. Whether creditors, lawyers, wealth advisors, or chief restructuring officers (CRO), our arsenal of partners, including regional and national firms, is critical to a successful and well-constructed transaction.

We understand that each business and its challenges are unique. Rather than offer cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all solutions, we take the time to thoughtfully understand our client’s objectives and deliver a tailored approach and solution. Our team works together to reach a collaborative conclusion that is in the best interest of your stakeholders.

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