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busi•ness per•for•mance man•age•ment (BPM)

Textbooks will tell you that business performance management is defined as…

a set of management and analytic processes that enable businesses to define strategic goals, consolidate and analyze data from various sources, measure and manage performance against those goals, and put the results into practice.

Our team has redefined business performance management as…

the art of delivering organizational peace of mind by utilizing one version of the truth—marrying data, systems, and processes with proactive business strategy and forecasting—positioning our clients to achieve better visibility, respond quicker, and maximize profitability.

Why Do We Exist?

Peace of Mind.


Our Business Architechs know what keeps leaders up at night. We implement solutions that provide data accuracy and efficient forecasting, creating a realistic plan for your business. We aren’t pie-in-the-sky consultants. The devil is in the details and we roll up our sleeves to get the job done.

With each client engagement, we hold firm to the following end goals:

  • Create a roadmap to better predictability

  • Harness the power of best-in-class Oracle solutions

  • Place critical financial information at your fingertips

  • Eliminate the data chase and empower your people to analyze and take action

  • Leverage data transparency to weather changing business conditions

Making a positive, meaningful impact with our teamwork, attention to detail, and genuine interest in forging a long-term relationship with our clients—these things place our talents above those of our competition."

Pritpal Kalsi,
Director, BPM

Who Do We Help?

It Always Starts and Ends with Finance.

Regardless of industry, all organizations are under pressure to operate within or against financial pressures. Our clients are forward-thinking executives, typically at an inflection point in their organization’s history. They are looking to achieve their next stage of growth, prepare for an IPO, operate following a major merger or acquisition, or simply pursue organizational peace of mind. Timely and accurate data, more capable forecasting, and a firm grasp will position organizations to strategically prepare for opportunities which lie ahead.

Which stage of the roadmap best applies to your organization?

How We Deliver

Financial Close & Consolidation

Moving you from antiquated to automated. We’ll help you get beyond the tedious gathering of spreadsheets so you can close faster, respond quicker, and let your people use their brains — not their calculators.

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Planning, Budgeting, & Forecasting

Are you confident in your organization’s forward-looking analysis? The demand for faster, more reliable planning and budgeting processes requires executives to find quality solutions that leverage automation and controls, provide driver-based modeling, and produce greater predictive insights.

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Profitability & Cost Management Reporting

With great intelligence, comes great responsibility. Better position your organization to navigate challenges and identify market opportunities by allowing for the unification, collaboration, and focused application of business data.

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Data &

Supporting real time data capture and information in order to analyze and make informed decisions. Connect data with multiple sources to increase business process efficiency and react to changing business conditions.

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