Software Selection and Vendor Evaluation

With the explosion of cloud-based software solutions aimed at improving almost every possible function within an organization (accounting/finance, data/analytics, human capital, supply chain, etc.), the decisions around which platform to choose have become more important than ever. Upfront, critical evaluation when procuring a new system is an absolute must to ensure the solution can effectively meet business needs, scale to support future growth and delivers on the promises that are often communicated during product sales cycles.

Advantage of Independent Expertise

When making decisions of this magnitude, which often come with a multi-year commitment to software subscriptions / license fees, bringing in experienced professionals to drive the initiative and decision making is invaluable. Even when an organization has an experienced procurement team, our professionals have proven that leading effective “interviewing sessions” with project stakeholders and asking the tough questions will uncover major requirements and key differentiators that are often overlooked. Pairing our business expertise to drive requirements with our proprietary methodology to objectively rank, weight and score potential solutions on their ability to execute on those requirements brings assurance that an organization will receive the expected return on their solution investments.

What SC&H Will Deliver

  • Experienced team that will lead business criteria discovery sessions
  • Software/vendor identification
  • Develop functional and technical business requirements matrix
  • Fit/Gap Analysis of requirements to potential solutions capabilities
  • Formulation of Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Total cost of ownership comparisons (five and ten year models)
  • Implementation project planning (resource requirements, project timeline, budget/funding, etc.)
  • Produce comprehensive summary of evaluation materials and findings
  • Deliver presentation results to business stakeholders and executive team

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