Ways We Work For You

Ways We Work For You

Just like your life, your financial goals are unique. SC&H Financial Advisors deliver services tailor made to fit your needs.

How Can We Help? The Choice Is Yours

Ongoing Financial Planning & Investment Advice

Have peace of mind that your financial plan is on the right track. Periodically review and optimize savings, investments, and tax strategies with your personal SC&H finance advisor.

One-Time Financial Assessment

Want a second opinion on your current financial status? Our personal finance professionals will provide a detailed review and analysis of your current situation to determine if it’s consistent with your goals.

Income Tax Planning

Get comprehensive insight about your entire investment portfolio and how it impacts the taxes you pay.

Estate and Trust

Prepare wisely for wealth transfer at any time in your life. Be confident planning for your loved ones, a significant other, children, grandchildren, or any charity. Organize your estate in the most tax efficient manner possible.

Take Advantage Of The Services We Provide

Comprehensive financial planning includes:

  • Wealth management via goal-based financial planning
  • Tax compliance
  • Behavioral Investment Counseling
  • Debt management
  • College savings
  • Retirement planning

We Love What We Do!

Helping you achieve your financial goals and dreams – that’s our passion.

We Believe …

  • In telling the clear unvarnished truth to our clients – you deserve no less.
  • In a comprehensive financial plan upon which all investment decisions should be made.
  • In wise investor behavior and intelligent asset allocation as the primary drivers of superior lifetime returns.
  • In challenging the status quo of the financial services industry.
  • In focusing on what we can control (diversification, taxes, fees, etc.) as opposed to what’s out of our control (market forecasts, economic landscapes, news headlines, volatility).

A Steady Hand Arrives Safely

Your financial future doesn’t depend on chasing “hot” trends and headlines. Instead, make smart decisions and allocate assets in line with your financial goals. Proven practices generate results you’ll be satisfied with. Your steady hand guides you to a solid financial future.

Superior returns depend on:

  • Proper asset allocation – Learn why some assets make more sense. Think in terms of performance & safety.
  • Adequate diversification – Don’t gamble on one investment alone.
  • Smart investment behavior – Base decisions on knowledge and goals, not emotions or hot trends.
  • Understanding the types of fees & taxes you pay.

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