Estate Planning

Preparing for Wealth Transfer

Estate planning is a critical component to a comprehensive personal financial plan, and must be focused on meeting your needs, as well as the needs of the people you love. Planning can minimize the hardships associated with aging and declining health, and can offer the peace of mind that you have provided for the people and causes that are near and dear to your heart far into the future.

A well-designed estate plan will provide for tax-efficient transfer of wealth, as well as clear direction for survivors to provide for future generations:

  • For those who are married or in any other committed relationship, estate planning can minimize taxes associated with inter-generational transfers of wealth, while still providing for a financial cushion for your spouse or partner.
  • For parents and grandparents, estate planning may include the provision of funds for children or a grandchild’s education, maintenance and support; for the care of family members with special needs; or for subsidizing less fortunate family members. For parents of young children, estate planning is a way to ensure that appropriate persons will care for them upon your death.
  • For those who are charitably inclined, estate planning allows you to benefit charities of your choice, control the timing and purpose of the funding, and generate significant potential income and estate tax savings.

We work with our clients to achieve their estate planning goals by illustrating solutions designed to meet their personal and family objectives in a tax-efficient manner.

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