What Does the Future Hold for Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities?

Amidst the economically strained environment, organizations of every size and most industries are facing the growing need to reconsider both their short and long-term strategic plans. Specifically, in the healthcare industry, the complexities are rising, business challenges are escalating, and providers are facing new realities.

As trusted advisors to healthcare providers, the question becomes, what can we do for our clients now to preserve the value they deliver within their communities? Furthermore, how do we help them avoid scenarios in which the only option available is filing for bankruptcy as a result of substantially diminished reimbursements paired with increased costs?

All healthcare providers, now more than ever, need access to the right expertise, data, and resources to maintain high-quality healthcare services and financial solvency. As numerous providers are experiencing current or anticipated financial challenges, the need to partner with subject-matter experts capable of guiding healthcare organizations to positive outcomes is crucial.

SC&H Capital, Healthcare Management Partners, and I3 Healthcare Consulting recently held a webinar to provide insights on the current market, challenges the industry is facing, and proactive solutions to consider to achieve positive outcomes.

Our speakers included:

Backed by years of experience and expertise through data-driven decision making, SC&H CapitalHealthcare Management Partners, and I3 Healthcare Consulting are collaboratively navigating the everchanging strategic and financial needs of the healthcare industry to best position organizations of all kinds to survive, recover, and grow, now and in the future.  

This collective group of executives has led large healthcare organizations through restructuring efforts, uncovered solutions to save organizations and jobsand consolidated entities within the healthcare space to meet the growing needs of patients and the industry as a whole.  

Healthcare Consulting

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