Forensic Data Analysis & Data Mining Services

Big Data Means Big Challenges

Businesses are creating data at an accelerating pace. The shift to mobile, the Internet of Things, and business applications residing in the cloud have created unique data sources and immense data volumes.

Although organizations are aware of new opportunities, many companies do not have the bandwidth or experience to manage data productively. Forensic data analysis serves to reduce risk, optimize financial performance, and gain greater insight into operational execution.

    • Identify irregular transactions
    • Detect potential waste and fraud in any size data set
    • Analyze broad, specific, or combined parameters
    • Improve overall financial administration

Uncover Hidden Risks

Efficiently identify transactions that do not correspond with business rules with SC&H Group’s forensic data analysis. We employ cutting edge software to uncover irregular patterns and anomalies in large data sets. Our experience with major ERP systems means we can execute projects quickly with minimal support.

Whether your data includes 5 million or 100 million records, data mining and analysis generates value by identifying gaps, trends, or the absence of logical correlations. You quickly and accurately pinpoint instances of potential fraud, waste, or abuse.

Comprehensive Review Improves Performance

SC&H helps clients to review transaction files including accounts payable, payroll, sales, accounts receivable, access logs, and other large data sets. Combine data from separate systems or drill down into specific records or areas of interest.

Aligned For Success

Proprietary techniques implemented by SC&H help companies enhance earnings, increase profit margins, and optimize operational performance.

Due to our commitment to quality, excellence, and fidelity, SC&H Group enjoys one of the industry’s leading client retention rates. We become a part of your team where strategy, planning, and goals are intimately aligned.

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