SC&H Group Achieves “World Class” Status in Client Satisfaction

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Updated on: March 29, 2024

Firm’s First Annual Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey Finds High-Level of Client Loyalty

SC&H Group recently completed its first annual Net Promoter Score (NPS) client survey, which yielded results in the “World Class” category.

SC&H Group executed the NPS survey to help find ways to continuously improve the firm’s client services.  The NPS survey is based on an 11-point scale survey question, “how likely are you to recommend our firm to a friend or colleague?”.

85.6 percent of those surveyed said they are very likely to recommend SC&H Group compared to an accounting industry average of 51 percent.

“This survey provides us with direct insights that help us continuously improve, and fully live up to our powerful minds, passionate teams, and proven results approach to each client engagement,” said Ron Causey, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of SC&H Group.

In terms of overall NPS – which is different from the percentage of people who would recommend SC&H Group – the firm also received high marks.

SC&H Group scored 84.4 percent, which defines the firm as being “World Class” when it comes to client satisfaction.  Companies are categorized as “World Class” if they have scored over 70 percent. The average NPS for the accounting industry is 31 percent.

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