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Three Reasons Why Business Process Documentation Must Be A Priority For Your Organization [White Paper]

How Effective Process Documentation Protects Your Organization’s Most Important, Yet Underappreciated Asset – Institutional Knowledge

Institutional knowledge is critical to organizational effectiveness.  This fundamental insight is the pulse of your organization – and is the foundation of trust, teamwork, and transparency.  It is the information allowing you to operate successfully, to meet regulatory requirements, and to have a competitive advantage.

However, it’s all too common for organizations – whether public, private, or government – to think documenting this institutional knowledge is an ineffective use of time, money, and resources.  Most managers believe it is more important to focus on tactical responsibilities and “get the job done”, rather than focus on activities precisely explaining how to perform the tasks at hand.

It’s human nature to think this way, and it demonstrates the right organizational dedication, but the wrong overall mindset.  This way of thinking actually costs more time, money, and resources in the long run.

This white paper explores three key reasons why you should carve out time now to document processes and procedures.  Otherwise, your organization’s performance, productivity, and profitability may be at risk.

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