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Using Oracle Hyperion EPM to Synchronize Data

With many organizations embracing the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Architect (Oracle EPM) solution to support various functions throughout the organization – from HFM for close/consolidation to Hyperion financial planning for budgeting and forecasting – there may be a lost opportunity when it comes to data synchronization across applications.

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The Oracle EPM has typically been used to manage master metadata across Hyperion EPM applications. However, the other robust features within Oracle Hyperion EPM, including Data Synchronizations, have not been pervasively adopted across many organizations.

Fortunately, it is possible to leverage the capabilities of the Oracle Hyperion EPM Data Synchronization module for more effectively unifying an organization’s data synchronization strategy.

With the close, planning and reporting functions becoming more aligned, we have seen an increase in the dependencies of the data stored in each application. The Oracle EPM Data Synchronization module has been used to successfully integrate inbound data to Oracle Hyperion EPM applications as well as to streamline the transfer of data between multiple Oracle Hyperion EPM applications.

Whether an organization manages a mature Hyperion deployment or is embarking on its first implementation, the SC&H Oracle-Hyperion Advisory Service can share key insights into:

  • The benefits of standardizing all data integrations via a single solution
  • The advantages of moving away from flat files and using staging tables to support data loads
  • The ease of transferring data across Oracle Hyperion EPM applications
  • The process for automating / scheduling data loads using the Oracle EPM batch client
  • The audit and notification features that are part of the Oracle EPM Data Synchronization process

SC&H Group’s Oracle-Hyperion Advisory consultants can also help organizations develop essential financial and operational processes – coupled with the implementation of business-focused Oracle Hyperion EPM and BI technology solutions – that are deeply tied to impactful reporting and analytics.

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