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Top 5 Business Challenges Faced by Government Contractors

While many government contractors are seeing an increase in Requests for Proposals (RFPs), there are still challenges that make it difficult for implementing aggressive capture strategies, while also maintaining profitability, in today’s competitive climate.

The combination of sequestration, the ongoing budget cuts, and the government shutdown has created a ‘perfect storm’ of business hurdles that contractors must overcome.

We asked SC&H Group partner, Red Team Consulting, to offer the top challenges that its clients face, as they vie to compete and win new contracts and re-competes.

  1. Competing and winning in a “best value” environment, specifically LPTA (Lowest Price Technically Acceptable)
  2. Sustaining best value contracts while achieving profitability
  3. Restructuring indirect rates to meet the contracting and competitive environments
  4. Conducting viable competitor and agency analyses
  5. Hiring and retaining qualified personnel

However, there is good news. SC&H Group has produced a series of webinars that directly address these issues. Red Team Consulting and Willem Roos, a Principal at SC&H Group, have provided insights that help contractors win contracts, while also achieving long-term profitability. Here’s more information on these webinars:

  1. Effective Capture Strategies for Federal Government Procurements. This initial webinar focuses on the capture management process, including bid/no-bid strategies, understanding the competition, and how contractors can best position themselves for success.
  1. Pricing Your Best Value Contracts for Long-Term Success. This second webinar provides guidance on best pricing strategies after you’ve decided to pursue an opportunity. These insights will help you price your services, especially for Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) bids, in order to make a profit.
  1. Direct and Indirect Rate Strategies That Win Government Contracts. This final webinar focuses on managing operations once you’ve decided on a pricing strategy. SC&H Group offers benchmark financial statistics that can help you maintain an efficient and profitable business operation while pursuing new procurements.

As an additional information resource, please visit the SC&H Group website to download the white paper, “Weathering the Storm: Critical Contract Capture and Procurement Strategies for Government Contractor”.