The Story of SC&H Group’s Start and Dramatic Growth

Most large corporations have fabled stories about their founding, which often sets the stage for their internal culture and long-term strategic vision.

Since the start of the SC&H Group story in 1991, the company has focused on a highly nimble organization with a core emphasis on providing proven results that offer true business value to clients.

In Part 1 of a Q&A interview with Baltimore CityBizList, Ron Causey, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of SC&H Group, examines one of the company’s first client successes, reasons for the company’s significant growth, and the secret to SC&H Group’s prominent achievements.

Ron discusses how SC&H Group got its start by helping Perdue Farms determine that it had overpaid its taxes due to an incorrect filing.  From there, the company “was off and running” with an initial focus on state and local tax, which grew into a diverse portfolio of services in audit, tax, and consulting.

Since its inception, SC&H Group has continued to provide exceptional service, with a client-centered approach, which has helped the company increase its successes and maintain its commitment to clients throughout the years.

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