Be Your Organization’s Data Superhero: The Power of Oracle EPM & Modern BI

Transforming Your Data for Enterprise BI Solutions

The Oracle Cloud EPM solution allows you to model and plan across finance, HR, supply chain, and sales, as well as streamline financial close processes. But what if you could take the data you maintain in EPM and blend it with other datasets across your organization to build a super enterprise data ecosystem?

In the following on-demand webinar you can learn how to become your organization’s data superhero by combining Oracle EPM data with other vital enterprise datasets through the use of top BI tools and data visualization capabilities. Topics that we cover in our webinar include:

  • Oracle EPM Cloud: Vital datasets & information to add to your enterprise data inventory
  • Data Transformation: How to easily extract data and ingest to cloud-based storage environment(s)
  • BI Deep Dive Demo: How to effectively present vital business datasets in BI tools (Power BI, Tableau, Looker, et al.) across your organization


Our Speakers

If you have any questions about combining the Oracle Cloud EPM program with BI tools, please reach out to our Business Performance Management team.