Top 5 Reasons for Real Estate Organizations to Select OneStream

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Updated on: April 7, 2021

The Real Estate industry is filled with high-powered competition and constantly changing market conditions. Layer in the complexities that come with a global pandemic and changing political climate and many Real Estate industry participants are facing a combination of factors that are unprecedented for the industry. 

Beyond the core elements that make the Real Estate industry a challenging space to operate, finance and operational leaders are under persistent pressure to evolve and to operate more efficiently while providing better metrics and visibility than ever before. Managing a business that crosses countries, sectors, and markets can present a big challenge. 

Five Common Real Estate Challenges

Here are some key areas that OneStream can help meet the challenges faced by Real Estate Organizations: 

Challenge 1

Real Estate organizations often operate across industries and sectors requiring a combination of segregated reporting requirements as well as a robust consolidated reporting framework.

Solution: OneStream’s unified platform provides capability that allows organizations to deploy unique solutions by industry, sector, business area, etc. on a single unified platform. 

Challenge 2

Real Estate organizations often require a blend of long range planning / cash flow focused elements AND short range operational budgets. Both are required for analysis and reporting.

Solution: Leveraging OneStream’s Extensible dimensionality, the solution can be configured to provide the appropriate level of operational details for those responsible for property budgets while also containing long range plans at a higher level of detail. 

Challenge 3

Many Real Estate organizations are a combination of multiple businesses on separate GL’s or manage properties on separate ledger systems but still need to bring the data together for reporting.

Solution: Through OneStream’s data integration technology, the solution has the capability to connect to countless source general ledgers including many of those common in the Real Estate Industry (Yardi, MRI, Real Page, JDE, etc.) while always providing drill back visibility into source system data. 

Challenge 4

The Real Estate industry places a high value on data driven decisions that often require the combination of financial and operational data. However, this data ultimately comes from different sources. 

Solution: Leveraging OneStream’s Analytical Blend intelligently brings together CPM, Financial Analytics, BI, Operational and other transaction-level data for comprehensive analysis and visualization directly within one application, using the same data integration and preparation, guided workflow, metadata and reporting tools that customers already understand. 

Challenge 5

Real Estate organizations need to quickly evaluate decisions based on KPI’s at varying levels of detail including Property, Sector, Market, Region, Portfolio, Fund, etc. 

Solution: OneStream’s built-in reporting & analytics provides the ability to easily review key metrics across varying levels of detail through the use of many available reporting modalities.

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