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The Stewardship of Your Emotional and Financial Well-Being

Financial Planning & Advisory is more than just managing investments. It begins with creating a goal-specific, time-specific plan unique to an individual or a family.

Our financial advisors take time to understand our clients’ values, needs, and goals. By focusing on what’s in our control, and balancing present-day needs with long-term objectives, we help clients create a comprehensive financial plan.

This plan reflects what you’re hoping to accomplish, considers your current resources, maps to agreed-upon goals, and implements strategies that move you towards successful outcomes.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We plan for current and future financial situations and events by coordinating and evaluating each piece of our clients’ financial security—including retirement, insurance, investment, estate, and tax planning. For example, through:

  • Retirement Planning: We help develop income plans that maintain your pre-retirement standard of living and invest long-term assets to create a growing income stream.
  • Investment Planning: We review assets, holdings, and investments as you advance toward personal goals, providing risk-controlled, tax-efficient investment strategies and alternative investments.
  • Estate Planning: We address concerns related to care for children, a spouse, parents, and grandparents, allowing for tax-efficient wealth transfer and direction for survivors to provide for future generations.
  • Insurance Planning: We perform a detailed insurance needs analysis to understand your current risk exposure and coverage to determine if any gaps or redundancies exist. We also evaluate if the formation of trusts, family partnerships, and customized insurance coverage make sense for you and your situation.

In the end a comprehensive financial plan provides clients with efficiency, and peace of mind.

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AT SC&H, we offer comprehensive, customizable, tax-focused financial solutions for individuals and families. If you’re interested in learning more about our team, services, offerings, or fee structure, please view our SC&H Financial Advisors booklet for more information.

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