Navigating the Remainder of 2020:

Ask the M&A Experts

If there’s anything both business owners and M&A professionals dislike, it’s uncertainty. And as we find ourselves more than halfway through 2020, staring down Q4 while approaching an election, there is more than enough uncertainty to go around. However, do not let that fool you into believing everything is doom and gloom for both businesses and the M&A market.

The good news is despite the uncertainties of the economic markets and the lead up to an election, M&A transactions are closing in the lower middle market. Furthermore, many companies in certain industries have benefited from the current times while others are head down redefining their short and long-term strategic plans.

As we continue to witness an uptick in certain industries and a lag in others, SC&H Capital will host a series of webinars for both business owners and their trusted advisors to share insights on the types of transactions taking place, including tactics and strategies to consider as planning occurs for the future.

We remain bullish on M&A even in an uncertain economy and an election year, as history has proven that after a period of pause, both buyers and sellers will be forced to adjust their expectations to the new normal.

Watch this series of brief webinars featuring investment banking, industry, and private equity experts to gain visibility into



  • What industries are gaining traction, and why?
  • The current state of valuations
  • Tangible takeaways to consider as you are redefining your forecast for 2020 and beyond
  • How deals are getting to the finish line in the current environment

The State of Lower Middle Market M&A 


The State of Food and Beverage M&A 


The State of Government Contracting M&A 



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