Construction Audits

Validate Costs throughout the Capital Expenditure Lifecycle

  • Obtain greater visibility to project costs and fees
  • Identify and address contract non-compliance
  • Mitigate risk and validate contractor payment applications
  • Increase transparency within contractor and sub-contractor relationships
  • Identify and prevent fraud

Capital Expense Projects Represent a Significant Investment

Capital expense projects are often one of the most significant resource deployment strategies utilized by a business. Successful completion of any capital expense project is paramount to an organization’s future plans.

Capital expenditure projects involve multiple stakeholders within an organization, as well as a host of external third parties. Shareholders count on stakeholders to effectively oversee each relationship. Contracts define the terms of these relationships.

Contract deviations can have detrimental results both financially and operationally. However, validating compliance according to contract terms and conditions can be challenging.

As a project manager, how can you verify third party compliance while also addressing unforeseen project delays/cost overruns, managing daily responsibilities, and driving projects to completion?

Mitigate Third Party Risk

SC&H Group’s Contract Compliance Audit team team engages with all stakeholders throughout the capital expenditure project lifecycle. We validate contract compliance, mitigate third party risk, enhance processes, and strengthen internal controls. Our methodologies to assess compliance and find value help clients stay focused on successful project completion, and demonstrate to all parties a clear plan to optimize return on investment (ROI).

Our Contract Compliance Auditors pinpoint, recover, and prevent financial losses and limit third party risk due to non-compliance during the construction phase of the project. In addition to the significant financial benefits of a construction contract audit, our independent reviews strengthen relationships among contractors and suppliers.

Enhance transparency, identify overbillings, and increase ROI with SC&H Group’s Construction Audit services.

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