Contract Compliance Audit

Analyze Agreements to Increase Third Party Transparency, Efficiency, and Savings

Global enterprises can optimize business performance with strategic partners by replacing familiarity and blind trust with transparency, accountability and earned trust. We help our clients reduce third-party risk and ensure that their contracts, business processes, and internal controls are working in harmony to achieve business objectives.

Our projects enhance governance, improve processes, and increase profitability. The resulting transparency enables our clients to make more informed business decisions leading to improved economic outcomes.

  • Strengthen contract language, improve financial terms, and enhance internal controls
  • Establish more productive third party relationships
  • Verify accuracy of data reported by suppliers
  • Assess IT controls, data privacy, and exclusivity requirements
  • Identify and recover overbillings

“The staff of SC&H operates in a highly professional manner…in our dealings with SC&H, we have found that SC&H is only interested in the facts and the truth. There are no ulterior motives – the outcome of the engagement is ultimately based on the facts provided.”

International Fortune 500 Retail Organization

Identify Contract Non-Compliance to Improve Earnings

SC&H Group’s contract compliance audit services ensure that the invoices submitted by your suppliers align with contractual arrangements. Any deviations from the contract may impact your profitability and operational effectiveness. Contract compliance audits also provide a unique opportunity to assess third party data for insights and intelligence that can quickly add up to substantial margin enhancements.

We perform contract audits for clients in numerous industries including retail, technology, financial, professional services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, oil & gas, and manufacturing. Our professionals command a keen understanding of how to locate important compliance issues that will affect your bottom line.

Review of Non-Financial Contract Terms and Conditions

Contract compliance audits of non-financial terms and conditions typically result in process improvements, recommendations to improve contract language, documented instances of non-compliance for remediation, and confirmation that internal personnel are adhering to your company’s policies and procedures. In addition, these audits often lead to healthier and more productive third party relationships.

Enhance Third Party Relationships & Promote Transparency

Understanding the importance of third party relationships, our compliance experts provide audits that are transparent, factual, and efficient.

Accurate audit conclusions require experts who understand the importance of partnering with third parties. This also leads to improved business relationships. Third parties appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback and context for any non-compliance identified.

Find out why some of the largest companies in the world choose SC&H as their contract compliance audit services provider. 

The Importance of a Mature Contract Compliance Program

In today’s environment, the presence of an effective contract compliance audit program is more critical than ever before. With an effective, mature contract compliance audit program in place, global enterprises can optimize business performance with strategic partners by replacing familiarity and blind trust with transparency, accountability, and earned trust.

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