Advisory and Transformation

Transformation Done Right

On the cusp of launching a finance and digital transformation journey? Looking to advance your organization’s embodiment of transformation with an experienced partner? Look no further. SC&H’s certified professionals lead successful engagements by avoiding boilerplate recommendations and shaping strategy based on your organization’s specific goals and capabilities. We collaboratively accomplish this by:

  • Aligning with business leaders on the challenges they’re looking to solve and key requirements
  • Launching a thorough review of business processes and current systems to establish a comprehensive understanding of the enterprise
  • Identifying technology and process inefficiencies and gaps to inform the right recommendations
  • Developing a tailored plan, appropriate budget, and realistic timeline
  • Providing informed guidance throughout the entire process from strategy to implementation to ongoing support
  • Emphasizing enterprise-wide education, awareness, and change management to ensure adoption and solution ownership

Partner with a Team that Has Your Back

With cross-functional expertise, our team brings a complete perspective of how businesses run, and the challenges faced across various departments. This advantageous viewpoint is what allows us to ensure technology and process changes are always connected to business goals and objectives. Collaborating directly with leaders and supporting teams—IT, accounting, procurement, data analytics, etc.—we never shy away from asking tough questions and practicing total transparency. During any advisory and transformation engagement with SC&H you can expect:

  • Upfront and honest communication
  • Critical stakeholder interviews
  • Documentation and delivery of pain points
  • Collaboration and team continuity
  • Repeated vetting of business requirements and new designs
  • Commitment to achieving your goals
  • An unyielding focus on your success

Change That Spans the Finance and Business Continuum

Every organization faces unique business challenges, but one thing they all have in common is the need to stay competitive. Whether your need is large or small, our team can help drive your transformation initiatives across these core disciplines:

Assess the current state of your enterprise

  • Financial, operational, and business process assessment
  • Technology maturity assessment (ex. ERP, EPM, and supporting enterprise platforms)
  • Financial chart of accounts (COA) assessment and design

Strategize and develop a plan aligned with your objectives

  • Organizational visioning and goal setting
  • Augmented CFO, FP&A, reporting and analytics advisory
  • Strategic roadmap development (functional and technical)
  • Transformation initiative prioritization and execution planning

Deliver the proper resources and solutions

  • Technology evaluation, selection, and implementation
  • Data governance, integration, warehousing
  • ERP, consolidation, and financial planning modernization
  • Enterprise reporting and analytics optimization
  • M&A integration and optimization including business process and controls, financial systems, organizational consolidation, and centralized reporting
  • ESG readiness and compliance
  • Change management, training, and transformation adoption

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