Data Integrations with FDMEE

Optimize Your Data Management Process

Our Business Performance Management team will show you how to leverage FDMEE to:


  • Shorten Development Time
  • Reduce User Complexity
  • Communicate Across Platforms
  • Interface to Multiple Data Sources
  • Support Real-Time Data Capture and Transformation
  • Increase Insight with Drill-Downs


Put Your Data to Work For You

Finance teams can gain better access to data sources through data integration with Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition (FDMEE). FDMEE helps transform data and metadata from a variety of sources into a more digestible format, and creates a data flow to populate Oracle-Hyperion products through integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, as well as other data sources.

Our team of Business Architechs will help you to define your organization’s specific data mapping needs and gain the best rewards from an FDMEE implementation. It’s an ideal solution for organizations integrating multiple source systems into Oracle-Hyperion.

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  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Business Intelligence, Reporting & Analysis
  • Metadata Management and Integrations with DRM
  • InstantEPM™


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