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As a service provider seeking to differentiate yourself from your competitors, you understand the importance of demonstrating the establishment and effective operation of internal controls on the services you provide your customers. System and Organization Controls (SOC) (formerly Service Organization Control) reports convey confidence, trust, and credibility of the internal controls of your business to your customers and their auditors. The end results of this level of transparency – delivering comfort to your clients by providing them information showcasing your commitment to reduce risks as well as an opinion from an independent third party provider on the process most important to your customers.

So which type of report do you need to obtain? We’re here to help you determine which report is right for your organization, preparing you for greater long-term efficiency, consistency, and success.

SC&H Group is a trusted business advisor to provide guidance as to which type of SOC report(s) your prospects, customers, and their auditors need. Our approach goes beyond an implementation checklist, but entails a strategic, well thought out plan of execution to position your business for success amongst your competition. As your business advisor, SOC engagements provide results that are helpful in managing your business and internal control processes; all the while streamlining your operations.

SC&H has significant audit expertise with SOC reporting frameworks. The SC&H audit team can address compliance mandates for reporting on controls at service organizations:

  • Data center business and backup services
  • Financial service providersAICPA SOC for Service Organizations
  • Internet network and security services
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers
  • Third-party resellers using direct or other online services

Whether conducting the audit or working as a consulting team with other auditors, our SOC audit practice experts works closely with a company’s business process owners, providing best practices assurance for thorough and timely reporting.

What type of SOC Report does my organization need?

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