System and Organization Controls (SOC)

Best Practice Expertise That Provides A Competitive Edge

As a service provider seeking to differentiate yourself from your competitors, you understand the importance of demonstrating the establishment and effective operation of internal controls for your customers. SC&H Group can provide guidance as to which type of organization control report(s) your customers and their auditors need.

SC&H has significant audit expertise with SOC reporting frameworks. The SC&H audit team can address compliance mandates for reporting on controls at regulated service organizations:

AICPA SOC for Service Organizations

  • Data center business and backup services
  • Financial service providers
  • Internet network and security services
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers
  • Third-party resellers using direct or other online services

Whether conducting the audit or working with other auditors, SC&H’s SOC audit practice works closely with a company’s auditing process, providing best practices assurance for thorough and timely reporting.

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