The Fieldguide Differentiator

Efficient Audit Management at Your Fingertips

Fieldguide is an intuitive automation and collaboration platform that SC&H leverages to further enhance our team’s delivery of unparalleled assurance and advisory services. When it comes to your audit needs—from tracking requests and exchanging documents to discussions and reporting—Fieldguide digitizes the entire end-to-end workflow on a single interface. For SC&H clients, this means increased efficiency, enhanced productivity, seamless communication, and a best-in-class audit experience.

A Simplified User Experience that Makes Life Easier

Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and hello to a sophisticated, modern audit engagement. Fieldguide allows our clients to easily upload evidence and documentation, clearly track open items, communicate directly with their auditor, and reduce emails throughout the entire audit process. Top features include:

Intuitive Interface

Request Fulfillment

Discussion Threads

Control Guidance



Smooth Process Design for Multiple Services

With a robust and intuitive interface, Fieldguide enables us to more efficiently complete your audit engagements in a truly collaborative and transparent fashion.

SOC Examination

Third-party assurance over the design and operation of internal control and validation that your agreed upon service commitments are met, including data security.

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Microsoft SSPA Attestation

Protect confidential and personal data throughout your supply chain to build customer trust and ensure compliance.

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Built-in Security You Can Trust

Your trust and confidence are our top priority. With Fieldguide, the security of your confidential information and data is made even easier.

Encryption in Transit & at Rest

Data in transit is protected by SHA-2 certificates over SHA-256/AES-128 connections. Data is encrypted at rest with AES-256, block-level storage encryption on Amazon Web Services.

Secure Data Architecture

Fieldguide utilizes a secure, available database architecture, including leader-follower databases, automatic failover, Write-Ahead Logging, and point-in-time and snapshot-based rollback capabilities.

Multi-Factor Authentification

All Fieldguide accounts can utilize multi-factor authentication and require strong passwords that meet OWASP and IRS standards.

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