Healthcare & Marketing Intelligence Case Study

The CMO’s Path To Marketing Data Excellence

Advanced Analytics to Measure Marketing Impact

With the foresight to find a strategic, experienced partner to establish KPIs, streamline access to data, and enhance analytical capabilities, the marketing team of a nationally recognized healthcare organization sought the expertise of SC&H. We collaborated to implement a comprehensive solution that enabled them to quantify brand visibility, engagement, ROI, and sentiments across all paid, owned, and earned marketing channels.

Data Solutions that Address Client Challenges

With substantial investments in strategic marketing campaigns and no standardized methods for collecting, evaluating, and measuring success across the full suite of digital marketing channels, we collaborated to address these key challenges:

Lack of executive-level visibility into marketing performance, investments, and ROI

Unclear or undefined strategies for goal tracking and customer journey best practices

Difficulty distinguishing between various campaigns (ex. brand vs. content vs. products)

Nine disparate, unintegrated data systems and information siloed by department

Manual, isolated, and error-prone reporting requiring inordinate time and reliance on agency partners

Convert Data Into an Information Powerhouse

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Power BI

Technologies to Deliver Clean, Comprehensive Data

With a repository of existing data and functional systems, our team collaborated with leadership, marketing, and IT to identify what’s valuable and leverageable. Maintaining the client’s use of Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse, we were able to tap into key functionalities to enable advanced business logic and mapping that enriches the integrated data from multiple sources. Fusing the system with Microsoft Power BI facilitated the creation of high-functioning, real-time dashboards in a single, robust portal. The outcome produces clean, accurate visualizations of critical marketing data.

On-Demand Dashboards for Data-Driven Decisions

To provide the marketing team and executive leadership with the ability to analyze campaign performance in aggregate and to drill down to the individual campaign, product, and audience levels, we implemented the following approach:

  • Hold individual planning sessions with the key leaders of each marketing department to understand their key objectives, marketing technologies in use, and the marketing activities/channels most important to their performance evaluation
  • Understand current challenges and gaps to inform the appropriate data solutions and technologies to address them
  • Collaborate with leadership to prioritize and standardize marketing metrics and KPIs aligned with business goals
  • Curate data for the most critical marketing channels to provide a 360-degree view of brand, digital, and campaign performance
  • Collaborate with marketing, IT, and agency partners to cleanse, consolidate, and convert data into accessible, informative, self-service dashboards for the marketing team
  • Pull data into a single enterprise data warehouse enabling the integration of information spanning all marketing sources
  • Refine and standardize the approach to goal management to effectively track and measure the end-to-end user journey
  • Add business logic, filtering capabilities, and mappings to enrich the data for users and facilitate high-functioning, real-time Power BI dashboards
  • Provide a concise, comprehensive view of performance funnels by digital campaigns that originate from Google Analytics (see “Digital Dashboard” below)
  • Demonstrate the use of filters, categories, drill-throughs, and tooltips within the dashboard views, enabling users to identify performance, sentiments, and data benchmarks
  • Develop training for all users, including video tutorials demonstrating dashboard features and tools, to ensure seamless adoption across all departments

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Outcomes that Accelerate Marketing Success

By implementing a data ecosystem that layers multiple data sources into a single spot and converts it into clear visualizations, SC&H positioned the Client to more comprehensively review the performance of and engagement with their campaigns for a period of time and over time.

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Executive and stakeholder access to real-time performance analytics to determine impact

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View, filter, and analyze data from paid, digital, and organic campaigns in a single source

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Identify leading and lagging indicators and benchmark, compare, measure data against time

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Reduce reliance on agency-provided information and data while increasing cross-functional collaboration internally

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Discern the end-to-end user journey across owned, earned, and paid media channels

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Prioritize revenue-generating initiatives based on historical data and experimentation

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