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Build, Buy, or Customize? The Path to Creating Your Next Business Application [White Paper]

How Executives Are Using xRM to Strengthen Efficiency, Productivity, and Profitability Across Business Operations

In today’s complex, competitive, and ever-changing environment, many executives are finding that traditional spreadsheets and databases are no longer sufficient to meet most business objectives.

In response, some executives are exploring low-cost, off-the-shelf software, often finding that this option typically does not fit all needs, or integrate well with other applications.

Meanwhile, other executives are hiring developers to create applications from the ground up – however, this option is often cost prohibitive.

So, forward-thinking executives are opting for a third option: customizing enterprise-level xRM solutions for specific business areas.

In this white paper, we explore the application options available to executives, including how xRM solutions are allowing them to replace inefficient practices with automated solutions across the organization—and gain a powerful competitive advantage.

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