The OneStream Platform V8 Upgrade: How To Prepare, Newest Features, and Key Benefits

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Updated on: April 29, 2024

Authored By The OneStream Implementation Services Team

OneStream’s newest upgrade, known as Platform V8, is bringing massive changes and improvements to the OneStream system. This new platform will transform the foundational data processing structure, delivering unmatched performance, expedited processing, and streamlined data integration.

Given the substantial changes, certain core functionalities of the existing OneStream platform may no longer be compatible. Thorough preparation is essential to avoid data loss and navigate this transformation smoothly. Let’s dive into what functionalities are changing, how this upgrade will benefit your business, and why leveraging the expertise of a OneStream implementation partner is key to a successful upgrade.

Preparing for the OneStream Platform V8 Upgrade

The biggest change in Platform V8 is the migration from .NET4.8 to .NET6 (sometimes referred to as .NET Core) promises significant performance improvements. However, this change renders many functionalities incompatible. This leads to breaking changes, meaning existing processes will break and require changes or modifications to continue performing.

Upgrading to Platform V8 will require two key processes to be updated:

  1. Business Rules: Some business rules may stop being compiled due to incompatibility. In rare cases, changes to Workspaces may cause a breaking change and require adjustments to designated Business Rule references in order to compile. Onestream has updated several MarketPlace Solutions with changes to its Business Rules and additional Business Rule logic. To check a Solution’s compatibility with Platform V8 click here.
  2. DLL File Management: Smart Integration Connector (SIC) will replace VPN in Platform V8, offering increased security and control. DLL updates are required to enable SIC. Additionally, some existing DLLs are only compatible with older platforms and must be upgraded to be compatible with .NET6. To learn more about the DLL updates click here.

Older functionalities that will be deprecated, requiring additional changes to your application before upgrading, include:

  • Legacy authentication: All cloud customers will migrate to OIS
  • VPNs: SIC will become the new standard
  • Client APIs: Task Scheduler or the REST API will replace Client API
  • VBA ROPC Authentication: Customers will need to use SSO Tokens or OIS Personal Tokens when authenticating via VBA macros in Excel
  • MVC (OneStream Mobile): BrowserUX will provide browser access on desktops or mobile devices. Customers are encouraged to participate in the BrowserUX Early Access Program

Failure to proactively update or appropriately modify the impacted functionalities prior to the upgrade could result in potential data loss, errors, and performance failures within your application. Collaborating with a seasoned implementation partner with a long-standing relationship with OneStream can ensure your application is properly prepared for a successful and seamless upgrade.

Benefits of Platform V8

This upgrade requires significant preparation, but it’s worth the additional investment of time and resources. Platform V8 will provide significant improvements that will transform your business processes for the better, including:

Faster, more powerful performance: The migration from .NET4.8 to .NET6 yields immediate performance benefits for memory-intensive operations, such as:

  • Consolidation processing
  • High-volume stage and BI blend loads
  • High-volume data processing and metadata loading
  • Cube View rendering
  • Complex computations

Increased security and control: Legacy authentications will be replaced by OneStream IdentityServer (OIS), OneStream’s single sign-on (SSO) service for applications hosted in OneStream Azure Cloud. OIS offers powerful improvements, including:

  • Increased security measures that ensure a robust and flexible authentication framework
  • Additional flexibility for users when implementing SSO by supporting multiple concurrent OpenID Connect (OIDC) and SAML 2.0 protocol, compliant external identity providers (IdPs), and native authentication
  • Enhanced control and autonomy, allowing users to independently reset their passwords and manage personal access tokens

Note: Upon the launch of OneStream V8.0.0, OIS will be the required authentication technology for all customers, regardless of whether they are upgrading to the new platform.

Simplified connections and configurations: Onestream’s Smart Integration Connector (SIC) eliminates the need for VPNs, employing Azure Relay technology to simplify connections and allow users to re-configure data source definitions more easily. Additional benefits include:

  • Enhanced security by eliminating incoming ports on your corporate firewall and giving customers full control of their credentials and key rotation
  • Increased throughput for data payloads to five million rows and 5GB
  • Greater control for the customer’s IT department and reduced reliance on cloud support by storing specific DLL files locally on the Gateway

New browser-enabled capabilities: BrowserUX is a browser version of the OneStream app that provides the power of the platform with the speed and flexibility of internet browsers on a PC, Mac, or tablet. Not all features are supported yet in this version, but OneStream plans to eventually enable comprehensive end-user functionality in the program. BrowserUX has not been released to the public yet.

New browser-enabled capabilities in the OneStream Platform V8 upgrade.

Customers who are interested in participating in the BrowserUX private preview program can reach out to SC&H for assistance with applying to the Early Access Program. Committed candidates are selected based on a discussion with OneStream to ensure a high probability of success.

Enhanced user functionality: Platform V8 improved several core functionalities to provide a better user experience, including:

  • Enhanced journal entry functions to make data entry more intuitive and enable finer granularity over segregation of duties
  • Expanded Workspace features that empower users to customize their workspace according to their unique needs, offering streamlined maintenance and versioning of custom-built solutions
  • An improved interface and navigation that offers options such as renaming and copying form templates or sequences and enabling shortcuts and hotkeys in Cube View and Excel

Shortcuts and hotkeys in the OneStream Platform V8 upgrade that will enhance user functionality.

How to Get Started with SC&H

Preparing for a successful upgrade demands substantial time, capabilities, and expertise — resources many teams may lack. Even a minor oversight can lead to severe consequences such as compromised data and/or performance. Engaging with a seasoned partner can avert these costly errors and unforeseen obstacles throughout the process.

Seeking a flawless upgrade experience? SC&H’s OneStream implementation specialists can seamlessly collaborate with your team, ensuring that every aspect of your application is properly updated and modified. We diligently explore and anticipate every necessary implementation component to ensure a smooth upgrade and unlock the transformative power of Platform V8 for your business.

If you’re ready, we’re ready. Reach out to us today to get started.

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