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FDMEE Patch Set Update is Here!

The latest FDMEE patch set has been released.  Patch Set (Patch Number 20648390) has a number of great new features and will resolve over 40 defects. Here are its best features:

Universal Data Adapter
The Universal Data Adapter enables you to integrate external source table/view information directly into FDMEE, bypassing the open interface table. This feature allows the user to easily connect to any source data where they have access to the underlying database in the case where a prepackaged adapter is not available, or if the pre-packaged adapter does not provide the required data. This feature effectively provides direct integration to any source table or view.

Testing Check Rule Expressions
Check rules have been enhanced so that you can now test a rule in the Test Expression tab of the Rule Logic screen and validate conditions for a combination of dimensions. When a test check rule is submitted, you can display errors that were found in the rule being tested.

Loading Exchange Rates to Financial Management
You can now load exchange rates from EBS and Peoplesoft to Hyperion Financial Management.

Extracting Financial Management Journals
Source parameter and source filters have been enhanced to extract the type of journal.

Purge Scripts
FDMEE now supports system processes that enable you to maintain and cleanup all runtime artifacts, such as the Process tables, Staging tables or Inbox / Outbox folders. Often these tables and folders contain vast amounts of data, which you may no longer need. With the Purge Script feature, you can purge standard tables and folder by scheduling system processes and executing them.

Map Monitor Reports
Two new Map Monitor reports have been added to the Audit Reports report group: Map Monitor for Location and Map Monitor for User. Map monitor reports show changes made to the data load mapping rules using any of the methods data load mappings UI, Excel template imports, text file imports, and Lifecycle Management imports.

The Map Monitor reports do not capture historical data earlier than release Map Monitor reports are enabled only if the Enable Map Audit is set to “Yes” in System Settings.