Workforce Empowerment: The Key to Maryland’s Manufacturing Growth

In his “State of the State” address last month, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan declared that the State was “dead last” when it came to manufacturing.

Based on Governor Hogan’s assessment, it is clear more needs to be to done to help create manufacturing jobs and opportunities in Maryland.

However, going from “dead last” to being a winning front-runner is no small feat. Where should Maryland begin? When it comes to revitalizing manufacturing, the best place to start is to train and empower the workforce.

Thankfully, the Maryland MEP (MD MEP), a non-profit organization focused on strengthening manufacturing throughout the State of Maryland, is addressing this issue and offering training programs that will educate the next-generation of manufacturing leaders.

MD MEP’s solutions include workforce training, organizational development, human resources and recruiting and employee advancement opportunities.

In addition, the Community College of Baltimore County Catonsville (CCBC) has a manufacturing training lab that trains individuals on the most cutting-edge techniques, including laser cutting and 3D printing.

Although these two organizations are making tremendous strides, SC&H Group heard feedback from manufacturers in the region, who stated that they are struggling to find quality employees here in Maryland. Conversely, manufacturers in the Ohio Valley and the Southeast are having no problem finding talent.

So, while the jobs exist in Maryland, a trained workforce is not in place.

To help fill this workforce gap, we need more grants and programs to support vocational education for high school students, as well as do a better job connecting the high school curriculum to prospective employers.

Mike Galiazzo, President of the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI), stated that manufacturing is the pathway from poverty to prosperity for many Marylanders.

Yes, this is certainly true. We just need to find a better way to open the pathway to everyone.

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