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What is the Difference Between SOC 1, SOC 2, & SOC 3 Reports?

SOC reports have become a competitive necessity, essential to gaining client trust in your processes and controls. However, the type of SOC report needed—as well as the benefits, components, and requirements of each—are not always clear.

There are three different types of reports to consider:

  • SOC 1: Focusing on Controls Related to Financial Reporting
  • SOC 2: Meeting the Needs of a Broader User Range
  • SOC 3: Capitalizing on a Valuable Marketing Tool

SC&H Group’s SOC Audit Services Team recently recorded a webinar that shares insights on the evolution of SOC reporting, details on each of the reports, and provides answers to frequently asked questions when determining which report is required for your organization.

To learn more about SOC Reports and the the right strategy for your organization download our webinar “A Service Organization’s Guide – What’s The Difference Between SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3?”

What type of SOC Report does my organization need?