Visualizing the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program Approved Loans in the United States

With $349 billion in PPP Loans already approved, and another $310 billion on the way, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has released more comprehensive (not final or in real-time) data behind the loan distribution, giving individuals and businesses the opportunity to see how the initial PPP wave unfolded.

The Data

To date, the SBA has released two iterations of a report as the loans have been granted (April 13th and April 16th) that breaks down the key metrics for the recipients, such as the number of loans by state and industry, approved dollar values of those loans, as well the number of lenders that are helping to support the program. These reports have been produced via PDF (here’s the latest version from the SBA) and the data elements are displayed in basic row/column table format.

In an effort to bring this data to life and show the gravity of this monumental loan program across the entire United States, we scraped these reports to present the impact in Tableau as new information becomes available (just today it was announced that an additional $310B is already approved to be injected into this program).

The Dashboard

We are also looking for ways to enrich the data provided by the SBA to show impactful statistics, such as the number of loans granted contrasted against the average loan value for each particular state. Interesting to see DC as a major outlier in the data as depicted below:

Stay tuned as we plan to keep this dashboard updated as new information is released from the SBA to see the impact over time, and ultimately show which states and industries have been impacted the most by this program.

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