U.S. Navy’s Commitment to Small Business Success

Small businesses are often the backbone of innovation that allows the U.S. Navy to best support its ever-expanding global mission goals and requirements.

The challenge, though, is bridging the gap between the Navy and small businesses to bring this vision to life.

Fortunately, the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) hosted its 26th Navy Gold Coast Small Business Procurement Event to help further advance this goal.

At the event, senior Navy leadership heard, first-hand, some of the challenges that small businesses face in not only competing for programs, but also their ability to successfully win and survive in today’s procurement landscape.

According to Willem Roos, a Principal at SC&H Group, who was in attendance, the event provided the ideal forum for open and candid discussions, which can be uncommon at government-industry events.

From a senior leadership perspective, the Honorable Sean J. Stackley, Assistant Secretary of the Navy (RDA), provided a compelling keynote address, where he reinforced the Navy’s commitment to helping small businesses succeed in today’s procurement climate.

Also, Mr. Sean Crean, Director, Navy Office of Small Business Programs, spoke of how the Navy is holding roundtables to better understand policies, programs, competition, and the performance of small businesses.

Finally, the breakout sessions offered some compelling insights into the bid protest climate for small businesses. These included discussions of how the Government Accountability Office (GAO) typically sustained approximately 17 percent of the protests it received. Twenty three percent of contractors filing protests achieved success – often due to the solicitation being insufficient or requiring more clarification. The ultimate takeaway was that 43 percent of protests have a chance of achieving an impact.

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