Training the Next-Generation of Cyber Warriors [Video]

We are living in an era where nobody is immune from cyber attacks. From major corporations like Sony Pictures Entertainment and Target to the federal government, every computer network is highly vulnerable. And, the hackers only seem to be getting smarter in their efforts.

One breach recently captured the media’s attention and reinforces the seriousness of this issue. Russian hackers accessed President Obama’s unclassified emails. These types of high-profile breaches emphasize that cyber space is clearly the new battlefield.

How can corporations and government organizations best protect their networks in a fast-shifting cyber threat landscape?

Thankfully industry members are developing critical solutions for fighting malware and other threats, but there is a new solution happening now: the training of cyber warriors.

CBS Sunday Morning recently ran an in-depth segment about the growing cyber threat issue, as well as how one high school in Alabama is training students to be the new warriors who will help protect our vital commercial and government computer networks.

Watch the segment here:

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