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How SC&H and Oracle’s Hyperion Enterprise Planning Suite Helps Government Contractors

Enabling best practices throughout the planning and forecasting cycle is mission critical to the strategic, long-term success of every government contractor.  All government contractors need to spend more time on forward-looking analysis in an effort to stay ahead of trends and regulatory changes that are continually impacting the industry.  As a result of changing fiscal policy and increased competition, government contractors need to be strategic in growing revenue, managing costs and finding ways to sustain their competitive advantage.

Ultimately, it is essential that the various components of the planning cycle “work together” within a comprehensive, purpose-built solution to enable alignment of the following:

  • Performing P&L planning by contract types, work breakdown structures and labor categories
  • Linking the results of the planning process to drive the indirect rate allocations
  • Automating complex calculations and processes related to the formulation of indirect rates
  • Integrating the timely transfer of data across applications and with external systems
  • Creating a self-service reporting model that leverages dashboards and mobile analytics

SC&H has extensive experience in working with government contractors to reengineer their forecasting and planning cycles via the implementation of Oracle’s Hyperion Enterprise Planning Suite to address many common challenges:

  • Setting clear expectations and setting targets as a solution to reducing cycle times.
  • Increasing the level of communication and collaboration throughout the planning cycle.
  • Eliminating errors in the planning cycle due to timing disconnects and manual interactions related to reporting and analysis.
  • Reducing the manual effort associated with the integration of the source systems required to support the planning cycle (e.g., General Ledger, HR, Project Tracking, Time Entry, etc.).
  • Connecting common drivers to ensure that the various planning models are continuously updated as results change.
  • Ensuring successful user adoption and change management considerations related to moving away from legacy systems and processes that are engrained in an organization’s corporate culture.

For more information on how some of the largest government contractors in the Mid-Atlantic region are leveraging Oracle’s Hyperion Enterprise Planning Suite to transform their organization’s planning processes please listen join us for this informative webinar.

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