Register for the Winter 2015 Not-for-Profit Summit Hosted by SC&H Group and SunTrust [Blog Post]

On December 8th, SC&H Group and SunTrust Bank are once again hosting their semi-annual Not-for-Profit Summit in Washington D.C. Key topics to be discussed are briefly outlined below. Register now and reserve your spot – learn about strategies and best practices to address issues such as competing for grant dollars and enhancing donor engagement.  

Not-for-profits face a wide-range of challenges in the current economic climate. The most nimble and effective organizations have the ability to embrace these challenges, and ultimately prosper in an arena where competition continues to increase.

SC&H Group, SunTrust Bank, and a panel of experts will cover a wide-range of challenges and solutions for non-profit organizations at the Not-for-Profit Summit on December 8, 2015, which is being held at SunTrust Bank in Washington, D.C.

Some of the key topics that will be discussed include:

  • The latest on the state of the economy, and why the current conditions are both unique and challenging.
  • Current changes to revenue recognition and proposed changes to the Not-For-Profit model for financial statement presentation.
  • How to maximize your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) investment.
  • How to discover grant readiness by looking within to discover internal capacity strengths and weaknesses, and address the obstacles before they hinder the process.
  • Strategic planning tools and ideas to challenge the arcane internal procedures that hinder growth.
  • Steps to ensure that you have board members who are actively engaged in fulfilling their responsibilities.
  • An overview of mobile and cloud applications, and IT services available to help meet your unique business needs with minimal financial, time, and human resource investment.
  • Investment management insights that explore the processes for making asset allocation changes in pursuit of better returns, and managing organizational expectations.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn more about best practices that can help address these various economic, organizational, and strategic challenges, while also earning up to six CPE credits.

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SC&H Group’s non-profit experts work to assure the reliability of financial records, evaluate the adequacy of internal controls, and produce strategies that help not-for-profits grow in today’s economy. To learn more about our services for this unique sector, please contact us here.